FastTech Tips

Best FastTech Shipping: (This only applies to the USA, other countries may vary)
Always check the stock status before ordering.

In stock -> Good to go.
Ships in 3 Business Days -> Very often the truth
Ships in 5 Business Days -> Subject to change
Ships in 7 Business Days -> Have fun waiting, this usually gets pushed back multiple times.

If you order anything with batteries or internal battery, it's coming over on the slow boat. Never order anything with batteries from FastTech unless you don't care when it shows up.

Always pay for ePacket shipping. Its the fastest if you aren't getting batteries.

If you're just ordering stuff and don't care when it comes in, AKA Chinese Christmas (surprise package in the mail 8 weeks later that you don't remember what it was), put every item you order as a seperate order with free shipping. That way if any one item is delayed, the other will still ship on time.

If you don't care about prices (within reason), place each item as a separate order and pay for ePacket on each of them.

Generally, I go for Chinese Christmas, unless it something I want, then I'll just go for single item orders with ePacket.

FastTech Support:
If you have any issues with your order, create a support ticket on the website under "Support" and "Create new request".  Generally the response time is pretty quick.

If the issue is urgent, visit the "Customer Forums" under "Community", create a new thread and put "@Anniepan" in the title.  This user monitors the forums and quick to respond to inquiries.

Clones vs Authentics:
Does FastTech sell clones?  Very obviously yes.  The biggest giveaway is the use of the word "Styled" in the product name.

If the product name says "Authentic" then it is an authentic product.

Cart Separating For Sales:
Throw everything into your cart.

Click the "Have A Coupon Code?" at the bottom and put in "MAP"

Anything that goes more than whatever the sale % off is, click the orange down arrow next to "Remove" and click "Move to Wishlist"

Then when the sale is up, everything that MAP didn't discount more than whatever the sale % is, you buy with the coupon, everything that MAP discounts more than the sale, you just buy with that. 

Since you can't stack coupons, this is the way to get the best prices on everything.


  1. Discreet shipping. It can be good to not disclose a pkg is coming from Fasttech so after entering a new order go into your order details, and request discreet shipping. Your pkg will ship with a generic return address.