About Me

My name is Magnum Styled Dong, and I comb through all the awesome, terrible and interesting vaping related and WTF-worthy items on FastTech and bring them all together for you in a neat post once a week.

I run the /r/FastTech subreddit and I also frequent /r/Electronic_Cigarette subreddit answering questions, helping people find obscure items on FastTech and other sites, and generally trolling.

All of my blog posts are also crossposted on /r/FTSD and /r/FastTechStyledDigest.  Feel free to subscribe there to see the latest post each week, or follow my Blogger page.

If you need to get in touch with me, send me a PM on Reddit @ /u/Magnum_Styled_Dong or shoot an email to: MagnumStyledDong@gmail.com 

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