Saturday, August 31, 2019

FastTech Styled Digest - 8/25/2019 to 8/31/2019 - *Labor Day Sale*

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.

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FastTech Labor Day Sale is active!  10% off storewide with coupon "LD10"


VOOPOO VINCI 40W Pod Starter Kit - $33.99
5.5ml capacity, 5-40W.  Seems kinda large for a pod kit, but it doesn't look too bad and 1500mah is respectable.  Replacement pods available here.


SXK SiChro Styled RDA - $17.90 ($14.49 w/ MAP)
22mm w/ BF Pin.  Looks to include a chamber reducer that drops this thing down to absolutely TINY on the inside.  Not sure if this many airhole is going to help with the kind of vape you would want out of that small of a chamber though.


Cap Opener for Chubby Gorilla Bottles - $2.72
At least that's what I think this is for.  It's what they show in the pictures.

SXK Replacement O-Ring kit for BB 60W/70W - $2.29
Replacement o-rings and gasket for SXK BB 60W/70W mods.


Resin 810 5 Pack - $3.89
17.1mm tall, built in anti-spitback mesh.  Ships one of each color.  Singles available in the drop down.

Resin 510 - $2.06
14mm tall.  7 colors in the drop down.

Resin 510 - $2.06
17mm tall.  7 colors in the drop down.

Hellvape Resin 510 - $3.81
20mm tall.  5 colors in the drop down.

Hellvape Resin 510 - $3.81
13mm tall.  6 colors in the drop down.


Solar Squirrel - $11.37
Go nuts, line your entire walkway with these things.

8 Port USB + Qi Wireless Charger - $24.35
12A total output, 10W wireless charger.

Portable Straw + Case - $5.30
Comes with a cleaning brush, and silicone tip as well. 7 colors in the drop down.

USB Rechargeable Portable Blender - $17.23
For when you really need your juice fix on the go.

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