Saturday, August 24, 2019

FastTech Styled Digest - 8/18/2019 to 8/24/2019

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.

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OBS Cube X 80W Kit - $41.75
1*18650.  Doesn't get much smaller than this for a single 18650 mod.  The included clearo looks easy to fill.  7 different styles in the drop down.

Rockvape Titan Styled Mech Mod - $22.15
1*20700/21700.  Full copper.  Definitely wouldn't use this without giving the threads a full cleaning first. 

Stratum Zero Styled "Mech" Mod - $10.51
1*20350/18350.  304SS.  I put mech in quotes because this is a mosfet mod.


Hussar Project X Styled MTL RTA - $18.22
22mm, 2ml capacity, 316SS.  Deck looks easy enough to slap a single coil in, just not sure how I feel about the wicking.

Ataman V3 Styled RTA - $18.66
22mm, 2ml capacity, 316SS.  2 post, grub screw deck.  Everything looks pretty good on this except the hideous drip tip.


Kalora Styled RTA - $20.10
23mm, 2.5ml capacity, 316SS.  Velocity styled posts.  The deck seems SO high up, I don't think cotton is going to cut it on wicking for this.  Maybe SS rope.


3 Pack Ceramic Tweezers - $5.36
3 different ceramic tip shapes, normally closed.

3 Cap Set for 22mm Whisper RDTA - $8.48
If you liked that Whisper RDTA from last week, here is a set of all 3 caps in different colors.

18650 Tube Adapter for 20700/21700 Mods - $1.78
3 colors in the drop down if you want your mod internals to be matchy matchy.  I see people looking for these, and FT has got them finally.


PEI 510 - $1.95

Resin 810 - $1.18
11.4mm.  7 colors in the drop down.

POM 810 - $1.22
10.8mm.  Knurled. 4 colors in the drop down.

2-in-1 810/510 - $2.19
17.4mm  Not sure you can really consider this 2-in-1.  I mean who is really going to use this as a 510 with the orings on there?  Either way.  7 colors in the drop down

Resin + Gold Foil 810 + 510 - $3.82
Ships one of each.  Black available in the drop down.


2x2 Earth Speed Cube - $7.28

3-in-1 Triphibian Drone - $21.07
Neat.  It's a drone with a hovercraft attachment.

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