Saturday, August 3, 2019

FastTech Styled Digest - 7/28/2019 to 8/3/2019

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.

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GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Limited Edition - $74.00 ($54.55 w/ MAP)
Dual 18650, 200W, IP67 Waterproof.  More limited edition colors in the drop down.

900BF Styled Mech Mod - $12.33
18mm!  Single 16650 or 16500.  Get your small setups together :)

Joyetech Exceed Grip Starter Kit - $27.02
2ml capacity, 0.4/0.8ohm.  Replacement pods available here.


Dvarw MTL Styled RTA - $12.92
22mm, 3ml capacity, 316SS + PEI.  All off the MTL goodness of the original releases, but with top fill :)


900 BF Styled RDA - $14.15
18mm, w/ BF pin, 316SS.  Same listing as a few weeks ago, but now available in black.  Check the drop downs for silver if you want something to be matchy matchy with the 18mm mech mod.


Uwell Caliburn Drip Tip - $1.74
6 colors in the drop down, available in 2 packs as well.

Wikedy 231 Hole Mesh 10 Pack - $1.62
0.15ohm (50-70W).  50 pack in the drop down available in the drop down as well.

SXK PEI Panels for BB 60/70W Mod - $27.90 ($26.50 w/ MAP)
PEI/Resin/PC/Carbon Fiber in the drop downs.

SXK Accessory Kit for BB 60/70W Mod - $31.99 ($26.45 w/ MAP)
3-in-1, and several other accessories available in the drop down.


Skullvape Acrylic 810 - $2.54
14mm, 2 pack.  More colors in the drop downs.

PEI (?) 510 - $2.25
22mm, 3 colors in the drop down.


Xiaomi Show Covers - $12.43
These just look absolutely ridiculous.

Honeycomb LED Lights - $46.97
Touch control.  Unfortunately not RGB :(

Wifi/Smart Power Strip - $25.11
Alexa/Google enabled.  Neat.

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