Saturday, June 22, 2019

FastTech Styled Digest - 6/9/2019 to 6/22/2019 - Double Week Digest

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


DOVPO Topside Dual 200W Squonk Box Mod - $150 ($124.95 w/ MAP)
5-200W, 10ml squonk bottle, Powered by 2 * 18650.  Supports 0.1-3.5ohm coils.  Has all of your typical built in protections as well.

Eleaf iCare Flask Starter Kit - $21.99
520mah, 1ml capacity, 1ohm coil.  This thing is absolutely tiny.

Rockvape Titan Styled Mech Mod + Kennedy 24 Titan Styled Cap - $23.95
1* 18650/20700/21700.

Vandy Vape Swell 188W Box Mod - $65.99 ($46.08 w/ MAP)
5-188W, 2*18650, Waterproof PCB.  12 different panel options in the drop down.  "PCBA waterproof, easy to remove e-juice stain and dust: for a situation that your device was accidentally stained by jam, butter, Brine, Juice, fume or dust. All you need do is to take off the battery and feel free to wash you device in whatever way. With our waterproof PCBA, it is so easy to clean your box mod."  LOL jam and butter.

ULTON Bestia Animal Styled 18650 Mech Mod - $17.42
24mm, 1*18650. 7 different styles in the drop down.


Profile Unity Styled RTA - $9.62
25mm, 3.5ml capacity.  Dual clamp posts for easy mesh setup.  Lots of colors available in the drop down.

Tripod Styled RTA - $15.09
22mm, 2ml capacity.  Dual "screw as clamp" posts.  Huge center airflow.  Looks pretty easy to setup.

ULTON Fatality M25 Styled RTA - $27.97
25mm, 4/5.5ml capacity.  Quad grub sideposts.  More airflow than you should ever need.  Available in black in the drop down as well.

TF GTR Styled RTA - $16.90
23mm, 4ml capacity.  Quad grub screws for grabbing your coils.  Not sure how I feel about the tiny wick holes, but maybe they work just fine.

YFTK Skyline Short Styled RTA - $22.89
22mm, 2ml capacity.  Very simple dual post/grub screw setup.  Comes with enough air flow inserts you can dial this thing in exactly how you want.  I'm dissapointed its PC instead of glass, but I guess it's not that bad.

ShenRay Four One Five Styled RTA - $14.99
22mm, 4.5ml capacity.  Dual screw as clamp posts, and what looks to be two extra airflow inserts unless I'm looking at the pictures wrong.


XFKM 316L Clapton (10 Pack) - $2.38
30 core/38 wrap.  10 pack, 1.1ohm each.  2.5mm inner diameter.  TONS of different styles in the drop down.

Iwodevape Replacement Glass for Pharaoh Mini 3 Pack - $2.17
I like to relist these every now and then just to point out the HUGE selection of replacement glass available on FastTech.  Check the drop downs and you can probably find a set for the atty that you have.

Sea Wolf Coil Pack - $3.19
8 different types of coils, 6 of each type.  These are Kanthal, but you can check the drop downs for Kanthal/316L/Ni80 in single types and packs.


Resin 510 - $2.27
13mm, 6 colors in the dropdown.

Stainless 510 - $2.16
19mm, 4 colors in the drop down.  Also available in 2 packs of each color OR a 4 pack with one of each color.

VapeSMOD Resin + Stainless 810 - $2.39
16mm, 6 colors in the drop down.

Resin 810 - $2.92

Resin 810 - $2.70
18mm, 5 colors in the drop down.

Resin + Stainless 810 - $2.30
17mm, Glow In The Dark.  5 colors in the drop down.

Resin and Stainless 810 - $2.32
23.3mm, Glow In The Dark.  5 colors in the drop down.

PEI + Stainless 510 - $2.32


Angle Grinder to Chainsaw Converter - $27.18
Shit like this gives me the heeby jeebys.  This just seems like a TERRIBLE idea.

ATX PSU Breakout Board - $7.48
This is kinda neat.  Cool for when you want to use a desktop PSU for a project but don't want to hack it up to do so.

Flame Effect LED Bulb - $4.80
Gonna have to give this a "Press X to Doubt" face.  I'm sure it doesn't look like the picture when in action, but still pretty neat.

Cig Case and Lighter - $5.19
It's been a very long time since I had a cigarette, but I still admire cases and such.  Pretty neat that they put one of those electronic lighters in the top of this one.

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