Saturday, May 18, 2019

FastTech Styled Digest - 5/12/2019 to 5/18/2019

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


TF Scarab Pro 23mm Styled Mech Mod - $29.15
18650/18350.  Low battery/temperature protection built in.

AV Swiss Styled 18650 Mech Mod - $13.34
18650.  24mm.  Brass/Aluminum.  "There are 4 vent holes on the top" LOL

Vindicator Hollow Styled Hybrid Mech Mod - $22.09
18650/20700/2100.  Hybrid 510.

Authentic Marvec Hardess Hybrid Mech Mod - $38.79
18650/20700/21700.  Pure golden swag.


Artha Styled RDA - $4.38
24.3mm w/ BF pin.  Glass top cap.  Simple dual post, grub screw deck.  Non-adjustable air flow.

Metis Styled RDA - $4.57
24mm w/ BF pin.  Simple dual post, grub screw deck.  Juice well looks deep enough for squonking.  Two piece barrel allows air flow adjustment.

Belt Styled RDA - $8.93
22mm w/ BF pin.  Dual post, single clamp, mesh coil only.  Seems like you wrap the mesh around the inside of the entire deck and then shove cotton between the center "post" and the mesh.


Authentic Ambition Mods Gate MTL RTA - $39.99
22mm, 316SS, 3.5ml capacity.  Dual post, screws as clamps.  Looks to have removable AFC inserts in the deck.

Berserker V1.5 Styled MTL RTA - $9.66
24mm, 2.5ml capacity.  It's the Berserker.... Not much to say here.

Rebirth Styled RTA - $9.08
25mm, 304SS, 2ml capacity.  Dual vertical, side grub screw posts.  Dual mesh airflow.

Dead Rabbit Styled RTA - $9.31
25mm, 2/4.5ml capacity.  Includes 29mm resin bubble tank.  Quad side post, grub screw capture.

Serpent Elevate Styled RTA - $9.71
24mm, 3.5ml/4.5ml capacity with bubble glass.  Vertical quad grub screw posts, top air flow tank.

ShenRay Patibulum Styled MTL RTA - $16.45
22mm, 316SS, 2.5ml capacity.  "Disk type AFC system".  Looks like it comes with a chamber reducer as well, so this thing is probably a flavor monster.


Vapesoon Resin 810 Drip Tip - $1.86

Vapesoon Resin 810 Drip Tip - $1.74

VapeSMOD Resin 510/810 Set - $13.62
17.4mm, random colors, ships 4 x 510 and 4 x 810.


Solar Powered Rock - $5.45
Somewhat understandable, BUT the pictures they have of these mounted on outside walls is hilarious.

Portable Air Pump - $35.95
Neat.  150PSI max.

Dick Lure, now with "sequins" - $6.85
Everyone who didn't hold out for the sequin version done goofed.

Naked 100 - $16.95 ($14.59 w/ MAP)
Now FT is carrying Naked 100???  Da fuq.

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