Saturday, May 11, 2019

FastTech Styled Digest - 4/28/2019 to 5/11/2019 *Mothers Day Sale 10% + Free Shipping*

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


Purge Slam Piece Styled Hybrid Mech Mod - $25.94
18650/20700/21700/20650.  Has a build in safe lock that is also a side fire button.

Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max Mech Mod - $139.00 ($53.89 w/ MAP)
18650/21700/20700.  Lockable "ball" fire button.  Not worth ordering without the MAP code, so don't forget to use it.


Authentic Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA - $34.99 ($23.95 w/ MAP)
24mm, w/ BF pin.  Quad side grub screw posts and a deep enough well that squonking shouldn't be a hassle.

ShenRay FEV BF-1 Styled RDA - $16.56
23mm, 316SS, w/ BF pin.  Screws-as-clamps dual post design, keyed deck so the top cap only fits one way and a decent depth of juice well for squonking. 

SXK Reload S Styled RDA - $17.27
24mm, 316SS, w/ BF Pin.  Curved airflow, quad side grub screws for setting up your coil perfectly.


Coppervape VWM Integra Styled RTA - $20.55
22mm, 316SS + PEI, 4ml capacity.  Removable deck for easy building.

Authentic Damn Vape DOOM Mesh RTA - $30.99 ($21.89 w/ MAP)
26mm, 4ml capacity.  Dual side clamps to hold your mesh in.  Also includes a jig for bending your mesh strips perfectly.  Includes Quad-Mesh 0.11 ohm and Hex-Mesh 0.13 ohm strips.

Authentic Footoon Aqua Master V2 RTA - $26.55
24mm, 3/4.5ml capacity when using the included bubble glass.  Two different drip tips included and available in a load of different colors in the drop down.  Deck uses dual grub screws to clamp your coil in place.

Gear Styled RTA - $9.37
24mm, 304SS, 3.5ml capacity.  Quad post deck, huge airflow.


Gevolution V2 Styled Mesh RDTA - $20.89
23mm, 316SS, 4ml capacity.  Doesn't have a good picture of the deck, but looks like it uses clamp bars.  Slightly disappointed by how large this is with only a 4ml capacity.


Vapesoon Resin 510 - $1.95
16mm tall, other colors available in the drop down.

Vapesoon Resin 510 - $2.17
16mm tall, other colors available in the drop down.

Vapesoon Resin 810 - $1.74
13mm tall, other colors available in the drop down.

3 Pack 510 - $4.61
15.5mm tall, 2 POM in black and white and one PEI.

Vapesoon Resin + Stainless 810 - $2.24
18mm tall, Glow in the Dark!  More colors in the drop down.

Vapesoon Resin 810 - $2.06
17mm tall, random colors

Clrane Resin 810 - $2.76
15.5mm tall, other colors available in the drop down.


Authentic Warsun Flashlight - $53.82
1200lm, powered by SIX 18650s.  White/Yellow/Blue light modes.

Quad Skull Ice Tray - $4.48
Who doesn't want a little skull in there drink every now and then?

DIY Tesla Coil Kit - $3.35
Runs off 3 AA batteries.

Padded Shorts - $17.42
I love how they put these lovely designs on here, like you aren't totally going to cover these up when you actually go skating/snowboarding/whatever.

Salt Juice - $21.38
FastTech now dabbling in Salt juice.  Hard pass.  Also what's up with the close up shot of the tip of the bottle with juice in it?

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