Saturday, March 2, 2019

FastTech Styled Digest - 2/24/2019 to 3/2/2019

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


YFTK Corinne Styled Mech Mod - $15.39
316SS, powered by a single 18350.  Such a cute little mod, just ignore the fact they say it has "Draw-activated firing" since that is obviously BS.

Aleader Orbit 100W Box Mod - $32.59
Powered by 1 * 18650/20700/21700.  5-100W.  3 Different styles in the drop down.

YFTK VW Styled Mech Mod - $19.19
Includes an 18650 and 18350 tube.  Just swap the hybrid top and switch to whichever tube you want to use.

Authentic Think Vape Thor Pro 200W Box Mod - $26.35
5-200W, powered by 2*18650.  7 different styles of the mod in the drop down.

Authentic VOOPOO X217 Box Mod - $48.99
5-217W. Powered by 2*18650/20700/21700.  5 different colors in the drop down.


SXK WICK'D Styled RDA - $19.90 ($17.49 w/ MAP)
314SS, 22mm w/ BF pin.  2 post, grub screw design.  3 interchangeable airflow inserts.


ST Dvarw MTL RTA - $11.09
16mm, 2ml capacity.  Includes 4 different airflow inserts to dial this in exactly how you want.

Authentic eXvape Expromizer V4 RTA - $44.90
23mm, 2ml capacity.  Top airflow, top fill, dual post, single coil deck design.

SXK KF Lite 2019 Styled RTA - $21.99 ($18.69 w/ MAP)
YFTK KF Lite MTL Styled RTA - $19.79
KF Lite MTL Styled RTA - $15.29
KF Lite 2019 Styled RTA (24mm) - $12.29
KF Lite 2019 Styled RTA - $11.69
So many listings for this... All using the same pictures except the YFTK version.  Also the $12.29 listing is 24mm all the others are 22mm. 


AOLVAPE Resin 510 Drip Tip - $1.40
14mm, random colors

AOLVAPE Resin 810 Drip Tip - $1.40
11mm, random colors


Authentic Vandy Vape Panel for Pulse Dual Mod - $4.19
8 different colors in the drop downs.


5 Gallon Distiller - $165.95
"Fashionable Kitchen Single Object"  Yeah pretty sure if you have one of these in your kitchen or home, it's not to be fashionable, its to get REKT.  3 gallon and 2 gallon options available in the drop down as well, but let's be honest... Go big or go home.

JOBON Bullet Lighter - $10.09
Refillable butane lighter.  Check out the food pictures.  Not sure anyone has ever decided to add a slight crisp with a butane lighter to pigs feet... but okay.

DIY Laser Harp - $11.65
I love the amount of DIY electronics projects FastTech lists.  Also laser harps are neat.

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