Saturday, January 19, 2019

FastTech Styled Digest - 1/13/2019 to 1/19/2019

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


Authentic Blitz M1911 200W Mod - $55.99 ($38.39 w/ MAP)
2x18650, 5-200W, Temp Control.  "Inspired by the M1911 Pistol"  I mean I get it, but why...

Authentic Blitz Vigor Squonk Mod - $44.99 ($30.24 w/ MAP)
1x 18650/1x 20700.  Sadly no support for 21700.  5-81W.  10ml bottle is nice though.


ULTON LowRider Styled RDA - $12.99
22mm, 316SS, w/ BF pin.  Surprisingly spacious deck considering the height of this thing.  Not sure how well squonking is going to work considering how short this is, but the airflow holes are mounted as high as they can get them, so its probably fine.


YFTK Prime Styled RTA - $20.30
22mm, 316SS, 2ml capacity.  Not much to say here, its a Kayfun clone.  As pointed out in the discussions, the 510 is also coated in the same black as the rest of the RTA, so good luck with temp control.

Dvarw MTL V2 Styled RTA - $10.59
22mm, 2ml capacity.  Now with top fill.  Deck and airflow inserts look exactly the same as before, but now with a chimney that controls juice flow amount.  I'll probably be picking one of these up.  I love the original, but lack of top fill makes it a PITA to use.


Authentic Clrane 810 2 Pack - $3.91
1 Glass w/ mesh and 1 SS w/o mesh.

AOLVAPE Resin 810 3 Pack - $5.67
Resin and SS.  18.5mm tall.  Random colors

AOLVAPE 510 3 Pack - $5.40
12.6mm tall.  1 SS, 1 PEI, 1 Acrylic.

Authentic Skullvape 810/510 4 Pack - $7.90
2 510, 2 810.  Random colors.


15ft.  Check the drop downs, 4 different types of wire to choose from.

Tons of different replacement glass in the drop down.  You should be able to find one for whatever you have.


Vegetable Scissors - $8.49
I feel like a good knife and practice is much better than a single use kitchen item.  But these are still neat.

Dough Press - $6.25
I love me some steamed pork gyoza.  This absolutely just got put into the cart.

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