Saturday, November 3, 2018

FastTech Styled Digest - 10/28/2018 to 11/3/2018

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


Authentic REV Phantom 220W - $56.15
2*18650, 220W, TC.  9 Different colors in the drop down, and a wide range of "dashboards" to select from.

20700/21700 Hybrid Mech Mod - $20.75
Brass, 20700/21700 Hybrid Mech w/ Sidefire button.  Not sure how I feel about the construction/mechanism of that sidefire button, but I'm not an engineer, so it may be perfectly fine.


GOON Styled RDA - $7.38
25mm, w/ BF Pin.  A lot of new listings for GOON clones here lately, figured I might as well add them.  Check the drop downs for different MFGs and colors.

ULTON Citadel Styled RDA - $15.89
22mm, 316SS, w/ BF pin.  Very interesting chamber reducer.  Looks super easy to build on with quad capture grub screws.

DDP Styled RDA - $6.58
22mm, 304SS, w/ BF pin.  Dual clamp post deck, top air flow.

Vape Breed ATTY Styled RDA - $6.43
22mm, 316SS, no BF pin.  Triple airflow inlets, dual post/quad grub screw.  Weird ass drip tip.

Authentic Hellvape Rebirth RDA - $36.99 (?? w/ MAP)
24mm, w/ BF pin (pictured, but not listed).  Dual vertical grub posts with jig for cutting legs to length.  Can be setup for dual or single coil (even triple coil like one picture I found)   MAP price not available yet, but should be active within 24-48 hours.


ShenRay JK Mini Styled RTA - $28.90
24mm, 2/4.5ml capacity.  Dual vertical posts, top airflow


ULTON Kalora V8M Styled RDTA - $31.82
25mm, 316SS, 11ml capacity.  Comes with steel wicking ropes, and velocity styled deck. Not a typo either, really has an 11ml capacity.


Acrylic 810 Drip Tip 2 Pack - $1.85
7.3mm tall, with mesh spitback protection insert.  Doesn't get much shorter than this...

Glow in the Dark Resin 510 - $3.30
18.7mm, multiple color and 2 pack options in the drop down.

Coil Father PEI Flat Tip 810 - $1.83
20.6mm.  Finally 810 Flat Tips.  Black available here.  And Clear available here.

AOLVAPE Resin/Stainless 510/810 4 Pack - $10.54
Random colors.  Ships 2 510/2 810.

AOLVAPE Resin 810 4 Pack - $6.99
8mm tall, random colors.  2 Pack also available in the drop down.

AOLVAPE Resin 510 / Plastic 510 - $3.41
1 Plastic Mushroom, 1 Resin 510.  Random colors.  4 pack also available in the drop down.


Resin 510 Stand 4 Pack - $7.30
Random colors.  29mm overall diameter.

AOLVAPE Stainless Tweezers 5 Pack - $3.23
Curved with pointed tip.  For everyone that doesn't like the ceramic tweezers.  Other styles in the drop down.

Coil Father Leg Trimming Jig 2 Pack - $2.16
3mm to 8mm depths for trimming coil legs.

AOLVAPE Hole Punch Tool for E-Cigs - $2.91
25mm semi circle???  Comment below if you know what this is for.  WAY too big to be for cartos...


Dumbbell Water Bottle - $10.03
2500ml capacity.  So if my math is right, not counting the bottle, this is about a 5lb dumbbell... you know, before you start rehydrating.

Pickle Pipe 2 Pack - $6.35
2 Pack, random colors.  Singles available in the drop down.  Not sure I trust smoking out of a silicone pickle...

Quad 18650 Shorty Flash Light - $63.13
IPX8 Waterproof, quad 18650 powered, 13000 lumen.  And it's not super long like some of the others I've seen.

Antenna Phone - $429.95
Pretty decent specs honestly, but the antenna is ridiculous.  It's apparently so you can also use the phone as a walkie talkie, but seriously.... Come on.

Slingshot Cup - $2.55
These are actually really fun, and somewhat dangerous. 

Finger Guards - $8.45
Instead of learning proper knife skills, or using a mesh glove, get these and ruin all of your dexterity.

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