Saturday, November 24, 2018

FastTech Styled Digest - 11/18/2018 to 11/24/2018

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


Authentic Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 220W Mod - $59.99 ($50.07 w/ MAP)
2x18650, 7ml built in bottle.  Only thing I'm not a fan of is the slide and snap battery cover.  Other than that, this looks pretty solid and comfy.

Purge Back To Basics V4 Styled Mech Mod - $29.93
18650/20700/21700.  Hybrid top cap with quad vent holes.  Not sure the button assembly needs to be that big, but I love flush buttons on mechs.


Authentic Vandy Vape Pulse V2 RDA - $31.99 ($23.72 w/ MAP)
24mm, w/ BF Pin.  Quad grub, mostly vertical post system.  The airflow inserts are awesome.  Looks like you can dial it all the way down to single coil if wanted, or wide open for phat dual coils.

Dead Yellow Jacket Styled RDA - $9.34
28mm w/ BF Pin.  Very interesting deck design.  This RDA probably isn't worth using if you aren't squonking since that is the main reason for the little umbrella.  It literally squonks right over the top of your coils with how its setup.

SXK Core Styled RDA - $15.90 ($12.96 w/ MAP)
22mm, w/ BF pin.  Very simple two post deck with ultem insert for closing off one side of the chamber/deck.

Authentic Shield Cig Luxembourg RDA - $12.72
24mm, 304SS, no BF pin.  Stacked posts is interesting.  Juice well looks super deep.

Authentic GeekVape Baron RDA - $27.90 ($20.47 w/ MAP)
24mm, w/ BF Pin.  Vertical post deck with slotted or honeycomb air insert depending on how you setup the inner sleeve.  Not sure what they are showing in the picture with dripping juice in?  Looks like the top of the posts is made to divert juice evenly to either side when dripping?

Authentic 5GVape Peace RDA - $29.00
22mm, 316SS, w/ BF pin.  Single coil, deep juice well, dual grub posts.  The way the inner airholes are setup worry me with squonking.  As soon as you over squonk just a little, it looks like it's all going to run right out the airflow.


ShenRay VG V5 XL Styled RTA - $29.89
32.5mm, 316SS, 14ml capacity.  What a MONSTER.  I think it's kind of funny though that its still single coil and very small chambered.


5 styles in the drop down.  This one is called "Cloud War" lol


Unicorn Helicopter - $6.89
USB rechargeable.  It has no controller though.  It literally just detects whats below it and "floats" above it.  Also "Turn on and place your palm under the toy and its flying function will be activated. Please remember to hold the toy’s body part before you are ready to let the RC flying toy go or it may fly away and leave you in awe."  AKA expect this to just fly away at some point and never come back.

Switchblade Styled Folding Fork - $6.51
For when you want to go camping, but still need to look like a badass.

Minion Pipe?? - $4.78
Storm Trooper and others in the drop down.

Panda Matryoshka Nesting Doll - $17.31
Damn son 10 deep on the nesting Pandas.  I love how hilariously small the last one is.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

FastTech Black Friday Sale & Bombies Automatic Ultimate Black Friday Sale!

FastTech Black Friday Sale.  Use Code "THANKS15" for 15% off sitewide.  Make sure to separate items with the MAP code to make sure you are getting the best discount!

Everything you need to know for the Bombies Automatic Sale can be found: Over on Reddit!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

FastTech Styled Digest - 11/11/2018 to 11/17/2018

Buy Bigglesworth Labs Juice and get 10% off with coupon: DONG 

Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


ULTON Hellfire Cobra Styled Mech Squonker - $46.95
Single 18650, 7ml squonk bottle in a custom screw in holder.  Also has a built in mosfet for some level of protection.

Vindicator Styled Hybrid Mech Mod - $16.94
18650/20700/21700.  Multiple materials and finishes in the drop down.  Full hybrid, so make sure you use an atty with a long, solid 510 pin.

Authentic Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 Mod - $99.99 ($69.99 w/ MAP)
Powered by 2x18650s.  Make sure you get that MAP discount on this or it's just not worth ordering.  Very slim design though for sure.


Authentic asMODus Vault RDA - $27.95
24mm, w/ BF pin. Dual clamp post deck.  3.2mm deep juice well.  3 different colors in the drop down.  You'll have to be careful not to oversquonk this one.

YFTK Salix V1.0 Styled RDA - $18.64
22mm, 316SS, w/ BF pin.  Offset height for the coil legs, both using side entry grub screws to clamp the leads.  Not a huge fan of the exterior styling, but the swappable airflow inserts should let you dial this in however you want.

ULTON Typhoon BTD Wave Styled RDA - $14.94
22mm, 316ss, w/ BF pin.  Vertical grub screw posts setup for single coil.  You really need to drop the coil way down to line them up with the airflow.

Coppervape Royal Atty DB Styled RDA - $11.91
22mm, 316ss, w/ BF pin.  Simple dual clamp deck.  I really like that this comes with an insert to completely close off one side of the chamber.


Amadeus Styled MTL RDA - $19.50
24mm, 316ss, w/ BF pin.  Labeled as MTL, but pointed out in the discussions that it's missing the chamber reducer and another part that makes it MTL.  Might still be alright as DL with the velocity posts and bottom airflow.

Authentic CoilART MAGE RTA 2019 - $35.99 ($30.82 w/ MAP)
28mm, 4.5ml capacity.  Multiple colors for the top/bottom/drip tip resin color in the drop down.  Quad grub screw side insert for holding in dual coils.  Honeycomb airflow should help even distribute the air and give a smooth airflow.


Resin 810 Drip Tips 5 Pack - $3.78
7.3mm, with spitback protection mesh.

AOLVAPE Resin 810 2 Pack - $4.41
11.5mm tall.

Resin 510 Drip Tip - $2.57
16mm.  Random Colors

Authentic Cthulhu Furai 510 Drip Tip Set - $12.49
Ships one of each.  Ones I would actually use: 1, 2, 5, 7, 8 and 10.  Also available in black in the drop down.


Ridiculous iPhone Case - $72.95
Built in Walkie Talkie, and Power Bank...  Fits your iPhone 6/7/8.  Honestly the walkie talkie is kinda neat...

8" LED Selfie Ring - $41.29
"make a ring light halo in your eyes"  These are actually pretty cool for streaming since you can get a soft light source on you without too fancy of a setup.

GoPro Harness For Pets - $9.59
Adjustable harness. Compatible with a shitload of GoPros

900W Fire Hazard - $17.60
Just plug it in where ever you want to start a fire.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

FastTech Styled Digest - 11/4/2018 to 11/10/2018

Buy Bigglesworth Labs Juice and get 10% off with coupon: DONG 

Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


2x18650, 7ml squonk bottle, and powered by a DNA250C.  Not sure how I feel about the centered squonk bottle, but the mod looks solid overall.

21700/20700/18650 27mm Mech Mod with the Bonza RDA.  Magnetic switch setup, or you can change it to a spring based switch with the included parts.  Not sure why they didn't make a specific 27mm atty for this... The "underhang" looks ridiculous.  See below for the Bonza RDA.

Single 18650.  Up to 75W.  Might as well forget about trying TC on this thing since it will probably be garbage.  Still interesting just how cheap they can make mods.


24mm, w/ BF pin.  Very clean outer styling, super deep juice well, side capture posts.  Downward angled airflow should make this virtually leak proof.  Direct link to a very relevant Reddit post with Preview/Build video from the creator himself :)

Authentic Vandy Vape Bonza V1.5 RDA - $29.99 ($23.11 w/ MAP)
24mm, w/ BF pin.  Post setup looks alright at first glance, but after looking closer, you have to insert the leg in one side, and then it's an underside mounted clamp for the other leg.  Or you could use both clamps, or both insert holes.

Authentic RFGVape RDA - $35.50 ($26.89 w/ MAP)
24.8mm, w/ BF pin.  Quad vertical grub screw deck, also has wide clamps for using mesh.  Use with stainless or resin barrel and top cap.  Multiple colors in the drop down.

Stillare Mark V4 Styled RDA - $6.59
22mm, no BF pin.  Dual adjustable airflow and velocity styled posts.

Authentic Hugsvape Ring Lord RDA - $34.99 ($24.95 w/ MAP)
27mm, w/ BF pin.  All glass top cap, removable 2 piece air ring so you can build your coil and get top and side air flow on it easily.  Interesting concept for air flow for sure.  Postless deck.

Authentic Ambition Mods Spiral MTL RDA - $21.95
18mm, 316SS, w/ BF pin.  Tiny 18mm RDA, with AFC all the way down to .8mm.  The sideways posts with the top slot is interesting and looks super simple to drop a coil in.


Authentic FDX Athena RTA - $14.01
25mm, 303SS, 3ml capacity.  Bottom LED built in so you can light it up.  Postless quad grub deck, top airflow, and top fill of course.

Authentic Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA - $26.37
24mm, 3.5/4.5ml capacity.  Comes with a coil jig to cut coil legs to length to fit into the deck properly.  Top airflow and top fill.

Fatality Styled RTA - $16.45
29mm, 4ml capacity.  Quad grub vertical posts.  "Replace cotton or coils without emptying your juice"

Authentic Vandy Vape Berserker V1.5 MTL RTA - $32.99 ($26.43 w/ MAP)
24mm, 2.5/3ml capacity.  Comes with glass or stainless tank sections as well as two different drip tips.  Deck just uses screwheads to capture into the top of the posts.  1.0 to 1.8mm adjustable AFC and top fill.

YFTK Doggystyle 2K18 Styled RTA - $20.32
22mm, 316SS, 3.5ml capacity.  Deck and chamber is tiny, hopefully the airflow gets tight enough for a good MTL vape.  Not sure how I feel about a full PC/acrylic tank.

Coppervape Hussar Project X Styled RTA - $24.85
22mm, 316SS, 2ml capacity.  Lots and lots of pieces.  Deck looks interesting though, I really want to know how you are supposed to wick this though since there are two just holes directly above where the wick should sit.

AIOLOS V2 Styled RTA - $14.03
16mm, 2ml capacity.  ITS SO TINY!  You have to capture your coil legs around the screws.  When I see attys this small, I always think of sidecar mods... too bad there aren't any new ones that this would look good on.


Stutt-Art Bogati Styled RDTA - $13.71
23mm, 5ml capacity.  Top airflow, stainless steel ropes included for wicking.


17mm, random colors.  Has built in spit back protection.

20.5mm.  Same as last week, but now in a convenient 3 pack.

15.5mm.  ???


Authentic ECT Kanthal 8 in 1 Coils - $3.53
Less than $4 for 48 coils.  Not bad.


Thors Hammer Fidget Spinner - $6.06
The God of Thunder mighty hammer, reduced to a simple childs play thing...

Rows and rows of LEDS...  Also does several patterns/designs with the LEDs that can be changed with a button.  Multiple colors in the drop down.

10mm/6mm/3mm/2mm thickness adjustable rolling pin.  Never considered that this would be a thing... Whenever I use a rolling pin, I just eyeball the thickness until its right.