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FastTech Styled Digest - 8/19/2018 to 8/25/2018

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


Authentic VOOPOO Vmate 200W Box Mod - $54.47
200W, 2x18650, Temp Control *Pre-Order* I like the battery cover colors and there are a ton of them in the drop down.  Glad they didn't go with an obnoxiously large screen for no reason.  All of your typical "protections" like reverse battery, over temp, overcharge and more.

SOB V2 Styled 18650 Mech Mod - $9.03
Hybrid 18650 Mech with a beauty ring included.  Resin and SS accents over a brass tube.  Several different colors and styles in the drop down.  Hybrid only, so make sure to use a solid/long pin atty on it.

Authentic Eleaf iStick Amnis 30W - $12.82
Super tiny, 6 colors in the drop down, non-adjustable. *Pre-Order*  Looks like you just build to your vaping style.  LED indicator for remaining battery charge.  Might make for a pretty slick MTL/stealth vape setup considering the size.

Vapeasy Mini B Styled 18650 Mech Mod - $20.95
Hybrid 18650 Mech with a sidefire button.  Brass color and black color available in the drop downs.  Hybrid only, so make sure to use a solid/long pin atty on it.


Authentic Demon Killer Sniper RDA - $12.42
24.8mm 304SS with BF pin.  I like the angled posts for the deck and the juice well definitely seems deep enough to make for a good squonking atty.  Also "With the humanized design, the post deck is convenient to build" lol.

Union Tab Styled RDA - $9.07
22mm, 316SS with BF pin.  Super short atty, but I'm not sure why they went single post, closed down deck size AND 360 degree airflow.  Seems like this would be an awesome setup for MTL, IF they had gone with 1 airhole...  Still pretty interesting and its squonkable.

Authentic Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDA - $18.86
24mm, with BF pin.  Bottom and side airflow and a weird clamp deck that actually looks pretty easy to use.  Not sure about the name though... "Ghost Inhale" ?  Yet it's dual airflow, so nothing ghosty about this at all.

Authentic Cthulhu 1928 MTL RDA - $19.36
22mm, with BF pin.  Dual post, screw capture, single coil deck.  Looks to have a deep enough juice for squonking.  This one definitely just got added to my personal wishlist.

Authentic Wotofo Profile RDA - $24.95
24mm.  *Pre-Order* Wide clamp posts lets you use mesh or regular coils.  Mesh and claptons included in the package so you can try it both ways.  Also includes a handy dandy mesh bending tool to get the right bend.  No BF pin, but this looks pretty sweet.

Coil Father King Drop RDA - $7.53
24mm, with BF pin.  T shaped airflow with a wide range of adjustments from the drop cap.  Drop in quad posts for easy setup and a pretty deep juice well.  Hard to beat at this price.

Coil Father Glassic G V1.5 RDA - $7.34
24mm.  No BF pin, clamp posts, easy to adjust airflow.  Doesn't get much simpler or cheaper than this.

Authentic GAS Mods GR1 RDA - $26.63
22mm, with BF pin.  Same as before, but now with purple or red acrylic top cap.  Fully blacked out deck + acrylic top caps also available in the drop down from several months back.


Authentic Avidvape Ghost Inhale RTA - $19.40
24mm, 3.5/5ml capacity.  Completely different deck style than the RDA of the same name... Guess they just wanted to make a pair?  Either way though, I do like this single coil deck style since it looks really easy to build with.


Stainless + Resin Drip Tip Set 10 Pack - $11.48
5 different styles in the drop down.  Almost 100% certain the random colors of this only applies to the swirls in the resin tips... hopefully.  Still not a bad price for whats included.

POM + PEI 510 Drip Tip 3 Pack - $3.30
14.3mm tall, one of each included in the package.

Stainless 510 Drip Tip - $1.86
14.3mm tall, stainless steel version of the above tips.

Authentic Skullvape Resin 810 Drip Tips 5 Pack - $10.69
810, 16mm tall, ships one of each color.

Authentic Skullvape Resin 810 Drip Tips 5 Pack - $10.71
810, 16mm tall, ships one of each color.  Singles also available in the drop down.

Authentic Vapesoon Stainless 810 Drip Tip - $1.87
Stainless, 15mm, with anti-spitback mesh.


20700/21700 Battery Wraps 20 Pack - $1.89
Put some Spongebob on your 20700/21700 batteries.  Lots of styles available in the drop down, as well as 50/100 packs.

Authentic Vandy Vape Ni80 Fused Clapton - $3.69
10 pack of fused 32 wrapped with 38.  This and the fused 30 wrapped with 38 are the only ones that interest me because they seem perfect for a MTL setup.  Lots of options in the drop downs though.

Authentic Clrane Stainless + Ceramic Tweezers 3 Pack - $7.24
Squeeze to open seems to be counter intuitive for what we use these for in vaping... But maybe that's just what you've been looking for?

AOLVAPE Silicone Dust Cover for JUUL Pods 7 Pack - $1.66
7 Pack, 7 colors.  Also available in 10 packs of single colors.


Xiaomi Programmers Robot Gorilla Debug Toy - $27.53
??  It doesn't do anything, just pose-able.  And it just has a bunch of computer/programmers references.  Like a 1 or 0 on each hand for binary, HELLO WORLD on the fist knuckles, and a carrying/display case that also has HELLO WORLD on it...

Authentic Demon Killer Magic Hat Clearo - $9.68
24mm, 4.5/5ml capacity... Magic Hat??  Black and Green also available in the drop downs.

TITAN GEL Men Enlarge Cream 50ML - $2.85
"longer, stronger, thicker"  "Let your love more solid" 

CZLMI Male Enlarge Essential Oil 10ML - $2.27
Just in case you prefer oil instead of cream.

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