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FastTech Styled Digest - 8/12/2018 to 8/18/2018

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


Elthunder V3 Styled Mech Mod - $19.05
Brass mod, several different colors in the drop down.  Supports 18650 and 20700 batteries.

AV Kane Styled Mech Mod - $26.26
Brass mod, available with resin sleeves in the drop down.  Supports 18650 and 20700 batteries.  The button and top cap look really uncomfortable.

Purge Suicide Queen Styled Hybrid Mech Mod - $26.59
Brass mod, 6 colors available in the drop down.  Supports 18650 and 20700 batteries.  Interesting design, but I'm not sure building an entire second sleeve into the design was really neccessary...


ST Skyfall Styled RDA - $10.81
22mm with BF pin.  The interchangeable airflow sells me on this just by itself.  I don't think the chamber is small enough for MTL, but it might just work.  This is a new listing for the Skyfall.  Previous one can be seen here from the 7-1 to 7-7 Digest.  It's about $6 cheaper as well if you've been holding out.

ST O-Atty X Styled RDA - $9.69
22mm with BF pin.  The exterior styling is very weird.  I do like the grub screw/hex for the posts and the fact that they put an indent in the deck for using a build rod is awesome.  No more fiddling to get the coil in the right spot.  This is a new listing for the O-Atty X.  Previous one can be seen here, also from the 7-1 to 7-7 Digest.  It's about $5 cheaper if you were holding out for it.

Kindbright Centurion V2 Styled RDA - $21.03
30mm, SS w/ BF Pin.  Pretty standard deck, comes with 2 additional barrels.  5 Colors in the drop downs.

Mesh Pro Styled RDA - $10.48
25mm, 304SS w/ BF Pin.  Big double clamps for mesh, so a standard deck IMO.  I like the styling around the top cap.


JuggerKnot Styled RTA - $20.62
28mm, 303SS, with 4ml glass or PEI tanks as well as 6ml PEI bubble tank.  Grub screw/postless deck should be easy to build on.  Top airflow seems interesting on an RTA this big, but should work just fine without restrictions.

Themis Styled RTA - $16.21
27mm, 303SS. 4ml glass tank.  Another top airflow RTA with a postless deck.  The way the top cap removes to fill juice is interesting and if it fits tight, better than a screw down cap.

Siren 2 Styled RTA - $11.49
22mm, 303SS, 2ml capacity.  Single coil deck with vertical posts/grub screws.  9 different airflow adjustments for "Perfect restriction".  I like everything about this except the included drip tip.

Authentic OBS Engine II RTA - $25.93
26mm, 5ml capacity.  Top airflow, and WTF is going on with that deck.  2 other colors in the drop down.

ST Hussar The End Styled RTA - $20.88
22mm, 3.5ml capacity.  Single coil, bottom airflow, two post deck.  Maybe I just don't pay attention enough, but I swear this is the first clone item I've seen that was a pre-order??

Kensei 24 Styled RTA - $14.03
24.4mm, 2ml or 4ml bubble glass capacities.  Bottom airflow and pretty plain outer styling.  Interesting deck design and honeycomb airflow under the coils.

Authentic KAEES Solomon 2 RTA - $18.86
24mm, 3.5ml or 5ml capacity with bubble glass.  Top airflow and a single coil deck setup.  The styling isn't too bad except for the gold AFC ring.  If they would have done that in SS like everything else I think overall it would have looked much better.


AOLVAPE Resin + SS 810 Drip Tip - $4.42
18mm 810 drip tip with silicone dust cover.  Check the drop down for Captain America, Batman (Olecranon Man), and Spiderman in various colors... Not just the drip tips, I mean Batman in red, or Spiderman in blue.

Authentic Vapesoon 510 Drip Tip - $2.23
30mm 510 drip tip with silicone dust cover.  Check the drop down for Doraemon, Iron Man and White Stormtrooper.

Authentic Clrane Acrylic 510 Drip Tips 7 Pack - $5.19
16mm, ships one of each color.  Yay for not random colors.

Authentic Clrane Epoxy + Foil 510 Drip Tip 2 Pack - $4.86
14mm, Epoxy + Foil does look kind of neat.  Hopefully they release some more colors in the future.  Singles available in the drop down.

VapeSMOD Resin 810 Drip Tip - $1.75
9mm tall?  Damn this thing is super short.  5 different colors in the drop downs.


Acrylic Tank Kit w/ 510 Drip Tip for KF series RTA - $2.44
Lots of colors in the drop down.  Now here's hoping they bring back the PEI/Ultem version so I can replace the one I lost...

Authentic Vandy Vape Pulse X Refill Bottle - $7.96
30ml silicone refill bottle.  Useable for dripping or refilling your squonk bottle.  Too bad about the 28 day pre-order.  Several colors in the drop down.


It's never too early to start decorating your bathroom for Christmas...  Check the drop downs for more interesting bathroom sets including a Tiger head toilet pad as well as matching mats and DOLPHINS.

How many things really need to be turned into smart devices?  Dumbbells with a smart phone app.  I think I've seen it all.

"Help to develop your musical skills"

Comes with a tuning hammer.  Also includes pictures of it being made on FastTech.

??  Styles A through X available in the drop downs.  Style O sums up my thoughts on these masks.

Includes backpack, pen holder and lunch bag.  4 different styles in the drop downs.

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