Saturday, August 11, 2018

FastTech Styled Digest - 8/4/2018 to 8/11/2018

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


Purge Rocket Styled Mech Mod - $26.16
29mm, 18650/20700/21700.  Hybrid top cap only, so make sure you used something with a long, solid 510 pin.  Black, Red, Silver, and GOLD in the drop downs.


Authentic Kindbright Black Swan RDA - $24.89
24mm, w/ BF Pin. Bottom and angled Top airflow. 810 drip tip.  Not sure how I feel about the HUGE top single post.  The juice well looks deep enough to be good for squonking though.  4 colors in the drop down.

Nudge Styled RDA - $9.02
24mm w/ BF Pin. 810 drip tip.  The deck looks pretty easy to build on, but maybe a little bit cramped.  I do like the plain styling.

Authentic Vapordance Newbie "RDA" - $16.74
24mm.  Listed as an RDA, but this is another atty where the entire deck unscrews and is replaceable.  The lazy mans RDA basically.  Still haven't been able to find replacement heads listed on FastTech though.

YFTK Legacy Styled RDA - $20.49
22mm, w/ BF Pin.  Standard 510 drip tip, very simple deck with the side grooves for perfectly lining up a coil in-between the two airflow slots that come in between the post screws.  It also comes with a delrin beauty ring.

DPRO Mini Styled RDA - $7.51
22mm, w/ BF Pin.  Grub screw/postless deck should be easy to drop a coil in and get it lined up with the side grooves  Plenty of juice well for squonking.  The drip tip looks terribly uncomfortable though. Several different top cap colors and styles in the drop down.

Reckoning Styled RDA - $8.95
25mm, w/ BF Pin.  Side clamps for the negative and a single clamp for the positive.  I think this might be kind of a pain to build dual coils on, but the juice well is super deep for squonking and I love the splatter pattern on the cap.

Authentic Vandy Vape Pulse X RDA- $32.99 ($26.04 w/ MAP)
24mm, w/ BF Pin.  X shaped post setup for horizontal or vertical coils.  The squonk pin is very interesting.  It pushes juice onto the top of the coils, so you could probably over squonk this if you try hard enough, but the juice well looks to be pretty deep.  I don't think vertical coils would really work in this, but you can easily set them up if you want to try it.


Authentic CoilArt Salt RTA - $23.22
18mm!  2ml/3.5ml capacity.  Comes with several coils for regular juice, high nic salts, or low nic salts.  Top fill, bottom airflow.  I think this thing is awesome.  Looks like a great way to try nic salts that isn't a pod system.

Coppervape CloudOne Blasted V4 Styled RTA - $20.56
22mm, 3.7ml capacity.  Bottom airflow, top fill, single coil deck.  Easily adjustable juice flow.

Vario Styled RTA - $6.77
22mm, 3ml capacity.  Single coil, single sided airflow.  Hard to beat a stump single coil RTA for under $7...  As long as you don't mind wrapping coils around screws like the olden days.

Authentic Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus RDTA - $37.06
30mm, 10ml capacity.  5 Colors available in the drop down.  The deck looks easy to build a phat set of claptons on and go to town on that 10mls of juice.


Resin and Stainless 810 5 Pack - $15.10
17.5mm tall, ships one of each color.

Resin and Stainless 510 5 Pack - $14.90
17.5mm tall, ships one of each color.

Glow In The Dark Resin 810 5 Pack - $11.33
14mm tall, ships one of each color.  GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Aleader Resin 810 4 Pack - $8.30
13.5mm tall.  Color Changing???  Ships one of each color.  I really, really want to know what they mean by color changing now...


Authentic Fumytech Unikase Deluxe XL - $23.39
A case specifically for holding all your weird sized mods, attys and accessories.  Its just a got a ton of the elastic bands in a weave pattern so you can fit anything anywhere in the case.  Seems like a neat idea, not sure how I feel about the price point though.  Also available in black and smaller sizes in the drop down.

Silicone Case/Sleeve for Suorin Drop - $2.62
Tons of colors in the drop down.


Bluetooth Speaker Wrist Band?? - $19.88
For when your phone just isn't loud enough in public already.

MATEMINCO MT70 Flashlight/Medieval Mace - $219.00
Quad 18650 powered, 6000LM LED flashlight.  Blind your enemies, then beat them to death with this anodized aluminum mace.  7 different modes and its waterproof.

iPhone Bacterial Sterilizer - $21.02
These iPhone accessories are getting out of hand honestly.  I'm sure this thing works perfectly though.  Surely it can sterilize things 100%

Power/USB/Audio Button - $8.24
If this had USB 3, I would order it immediately.  It's a power/reset button, audio jacks and 2 USB ports that you can put anywhere within reach of your PC.

DIY RGB Spinner - $4.27
If you've got an afternoon and a soldering iron, you should be able to put this thing together.  The pattern changes automatically.  Kind of neat, and probably a fun way to learn SMD soldering.

Friday, August 3, 2018

FastTech Styled Digest - 7/21/2018 to 8/3/2018

Support Bigglesworth Labs with a permanent 10% off coupon: DONG 

Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


Purge Truck Styled Hybrid Mech Mod - $22.72
25mm diameter, takes 18650 or 20700.  Hybrid 510 ONLY.  You can get it in Black, Blue, Red or Gold.  Not sure how I feel about the full body knurling, but I bet this thing won't slip out of your hand.  Don't be dumb, make sure to only use protruding 510 pin attys on this.

SR VG Mini v2.5 Mech Mod - $23.53
304SS, Stacked 26650 batteries, with bottom side fire button.  I had to double check this was actually listed within the past 2 weeks and wasn't just a mistake on FastTech...  What year is it?

EHPro 101 Pro 75W TC VW Mod - $47.19
Ooh an updated EHPro that takes 21700/20700/18650 and does 75W, as well as temp control.  Also comes with a slick little beauty ring to go from 25mm to 22mm.

VGME X Pipe 18650 Mech Mod Rainbow - $41.69
Never been a fan of pipe mods, but I know some people really love them.  This one is a mech, but also look to have some form of protection.  It lists low voltage, short circuit, and overtime protection.  It also has a hole next to the fire button for possibly an LED?  As well as what looks to be a micro USB charging port. Too bad it looks like an old skateboard that broke in half.

Authentic Steam Crave Titan PWM 300W VV Box Mod + Aromamizer Titan RDTA Kit - $109.89
Quad 18650 PWM 300W Mod with a 41mm (!!) RDTA/RDA.  Lets talk about that RDTA first.  It says it hold 28ml! of juice, or 18ml depending on the configuration.  It also has an RDA mode with a 4.5ml juice well...  That's more than most tanks hold.  Now for the mod.  Quad 18650 in a 2P2S configuration with PWM control for the wattage.  Rotate the fire button to adjust the wattage.  It also has a full set of protections including reverse battery protection.

Authentic Cthulhu Fractal DNA 75C Hybrid Box Mod - $228.95
Stab wood + Resin.  Powered by a single 21700/20700/18650 run an Authentic Evolv DNA 75C.  Overpriced?  I think so, but I've never been a fan of "high end" gear honestly.  4 Different resin colors in the drop down.


SR B2K RSA V5 Styled RDA - $9.71
304SS + POM Cap.  24mm w/ BF Pin.  Postless deck design, but I'm not sure what the flathead and grub screw are actually for... They are both on the ground plane, so you can't use them for mounting coils, and nothing calls out what they are used for...  The flathead screw is for closing off the squonk pin, and the grub screw is an extra for the coil if you lose one.  Thanks jay r00ster!  Also if you don't mind spending $17.72 you can get this as a "kit" with 4 top caps, 12 drip tips, and 4 beauty rings here. 

Noble Styled RDA - $10.91
FastTech lists this as 22mm, but other sites and discussion shows that it should actually be 25mm.  Bottom airflow, postless deck, raised airflow in the center of the deck, and a spitback defuser.  Looks pretty solid, but 25mm makes it a no-go for me.

Apocalypse Vital Styled RDA - $7.38
304SS, 24mm w/ BF Pin.  Double clamp posts, and tear drop shaped airflow controls.  Also comes with a second drip tip.  Pretty standard design honestly.  5 colors in the drop down, but we all know gold is best.

Convergent Styled RDA - $11.81
303SS, 22mm w/ BF Pin. Single coil with a nicely designed chamber reducer that also directs airflow.  It lists the drip tip as "wide bore" but this really looks like it would more for mouth-to-lung if you ask me.

SXK Artoo R2 Styled RDA - $15.90 ($12.95 w/ MAP)
316SS, 22mm w/ BF Pin.  I really hate the sandblasted finish, and the looks of it just aren't my style either.  If you like ugly, this is for you.

Drop Solo Styled RDA - $8.07
22mm w/ BF Pin.  Interesting deck design with a keyed top cap so you always line it up correctly.  4 colors in the drop down.  Everyone on the discussions makes it seem like a rare occurrence to see a Digiflavor product cloned, so snatch this quick if you want it cheap.

Carnage Styled RDA - $8.70
25mm, no BF Pin :(   The post design is interesting, but not having a BF pin kind of kills it.  I bet this thing is a cloud monster though and redripping should be super easy through that fat drip tip.

ST U.S.1 V2 Styled RDA - $9.23
24mm w/ BF Pin. I like the posts.  Not a fan of the drip tip/top cap combo just because if you chain vape on this it's going to get hot.  At least they are nice enough to include a separate barrel/drip tip so you aren't stuck with burnt lips.

Chronos Styled RDA - $8.55
304SS, 24mm, no BF Pin.  Weird build posts, side grub screws AND top clamps.  I guess you can get creative with the coils and still be able to mount them.  I like the exterior styling, but I feel like over all the RDA is more complicated than it needs to be.  Too bad it doesn't have a BF pin.


Authentic 5GVape Leopard RDTA - $26.89
304SS, 24mm w/ 4ml capacity.  So much to say about this one.  I absolutely love most of the design.  It really looks like they tried to tackle the hassle of refilling RDTAs.  You just put your bottle tip in the center channel, push down a little, and refill the tank without having to pull the whole thing apart.  If it works, this thing is going to be amazing.  The only complaint I have is the post setup.  Having to bend legs like that to get them to fit is going to be a pain in the ass, but at least the bottom posts are open on the side.

Coppervape Penodat Styled MTL RTA - $22.63
316SS, 22mm w/ 4ml capacity.  Interchangeable airflow inserts so you can dial it in however you like.  The posts look easy to build on, and the wick wells are large enough you shouldn't have any issues.  Too bad it only comes with a PC tank and not glass.

Revolver Styled RTA - $14.82
25mm w/ 3ml smooth glass, or 5ml bubble glass tanks.  Setup for single coil, highly adjustable airflow control, and an easy to build on post setup.  Slap a fat clapton in here and go to town on it.

Authentic Vapefly Core RTA - $25.95
25.2mm, 2/4ml capacity.  Airflow on the bottom and insides of the coils, grub/clamp post design, and top fill.  "A Cloud Monster"  I think I can agree with the MFGs description on this one.

Kindbright Monad V2 Styled RTA - $17.38
316SS, 22mm w/ 2.9ml capacity.  Extremely closed chamber and tiny airflow holes.  I'm going to take a wild guess that this is an MTL flavor MONSTER.  If you don't know how to build with mesh like you should in a proper genny, I can't recommend this, but this is definitely going into my cart.


Authentic Aleader Resin 810 Drip Tips 4 Pack - $4.68
Random colors, 18mm tall.

Berserker MTL Drip Tip - $1.60
304SS + PEI (Ultem) 510 drip tip.  5 packs of 4 different colors in the drop down as well as a single pack of 4 in every color.

Authentic Clrane Resin 810 Drip Tips 5 Pack - $9.31
18mm, ships one of each color, so what you see, is what you get.

Authentic Clrane Resin 810 Flat Drip Tip - $3.15
17.8mm tall, ships 1 random color.

Authentic Clrane 810 Acrylic Drip Tips 5 Pack - $6.90
14mm, ships one of each color.


510 Threaded Silicone Squonk Refill Bottle 30ml - $18.78
Ships one of each color.  Available individually in the drop downs for $5.09

2x20700 Battery Case 2 Pack - $2.37
The single battery versions of these have been on FastTech for a while, but its nice to see them release a dual battery version.  Lots of different styles in the drop down.

AOLVAPE 18650 Battery Wraps 20 Pack Vader - $2.84
Rewrap your batteries in style and keep yourself safe.  Lots of different styles in the drop down.

18650 PVC Battery Wraps Plain 300 Pack - $10.19
Plain 18650 battery wraps.  Enough to last you for a while, and you can be a nice person and keep your friends safe as well.

Coil Father V2 Coil Jig - $3.72
2, 2.5, 3, and 3.5mm heads.  I consider something like this a must have in anyones vape kit and for less than $4, it's pretty hard to pass up.


Snap on grill to make your teeth look "normal"  For $3.50 I bet these look and fit like smashed assholes.

Squeeze the bottom to get the blades spinning and trim that nose or ear hair...  Nah fam I'll stick with the attachment on my trimmers that does this automatically.

Just stick the small end into a bottle or jug and let 'er rip.  Or you know, if you're in the woods, just pop a squat.  The only use this makes sense in, is if you are stuck in traffic.  But even then, now you have a bottle of piss in your car, and a plastic urinal covered in piss as well...

36W, "portable" in the sense that you can move it, it still needs to be plugged in to work.  Supposedly can reach -18 degrees Celcius within 1 minute (on the surface of the plate).   They also recommend adding water to the holder for better cooling.  This one actually seems neat, but such a small use case.  How often are you somewhere that you can sit down, plug in your cooler, pour some water in there and put a drink it, then wait, and drink it, where you aren't already near a fridge, or a source of cold beverages already?

Only included this so I could put this picture with it.  Also something something Zoolander reference.

"Unique Appearance.  Just like a Bowling Pin?"  LOL  Not sure why so many weird portable things are coming out that really shouldn't be portable.  But for real though, fuck making Fruit Juice, this could be my Portable Margarita On The Beach Maker at this price.