Friday, July 20, 2018

FastTech Styled Digest - 7/16/2018 to 7/20/2018

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


SOB Uno Bersikulo Styled 18650 Mechanical Mod + Outlaw Styled RDA Kit - $19.43
Side fire mech in 2018 lul.  26mm mod, 24mm atty.  Still only takes 18650s.


Fuel V2 Styled RDA - $4.68
24mm, velocity styled posts, no BF pin.  Candidate for worst drip tip (?) design 2018.

ST Hobo V4 Styled RDA - $4.06
22mm, no BF pin.  Plain, simple, to the point.  Looks like an easy to build deck.  If you want to take your chances, here is a BF pin/post that may or may not fit.  Check the discussion thread for known Hobo V4 skus that it will fit.

Authentic Wotofo Warrior RDA - $28.08
25mm, BF pin included.  Interesting screw/clamp post design should be able to fit just about any coil you want.  Several different RDA colors available in the drop down.

Layercake Styled RDA - $7.89
24mm, BF pin included.  Clamp post and a pretty decent juice well for squonking.  Available in several different colors as Aluminum or Stainless Steel.

Ulton Raven V2 Styled RDA - $13.89
22mm, BF pin included, top airflow.  Basically an Aeolus with BF pin.

Ulton Parvun Styled RDA - $22.35
22mm, BF pin included.  4 different top caps for 4 different styles of vaping.  Tight MTL, Loose MTL, Restricted DTL, and "Cloud Cap" for full blown DTL.  Hopefully, the style of vaping you like, also matches the look that you like for the top cap.  I think this is an interesting idea, but this one RDA may be trying to do too much.  The deck looks solid from what I can see.

Authentic Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - $36.00 (?? w/ MAP)
24mm, BF pin included.  *PREORDER*  Named the Drop since you just drop your coils in from the top and then clip the legs from the under side.  8 different colors in the drop down.  Fits 810 and 510 drip tips.


Authentic Vapefly Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA - $23.95
22.2mm, 2ml capacity, BF pin included.  *PREORDER* Its an MTL genny, with a BF pin.  The posts look easy to build and the airflow seems interesting.  Its got an AFC cap as well as adjustable screws for the airflow.  The squonk hole seems high enough up that your tank won't be leaking back into the squonk bottle. 4 colors in the drop down.

Authentic Vandy Vape Pyro V2 RDTA - $35.99 ($26.50 w/ MAP)
24mm, 2ml/4ml capacity, BF pin included.  *PREORDER* Comes with PEI and Glass tanks.  Top airflow, top fill, bottom squonk.  This could be the ultimate non-MTL genny.  And it doesn't look like complete ass.  For $26.50 though, I'll wait for it to release and watch some reviews.


25mm, 5-6ml capacity! AFC adjustable from 1mm to 2mm.  It's the Kayfun 5 Squared.  Not much else to say and for $13.61, not a bad buy IMO.

Ohmec Styled RTA - $17.89
30mm, 10ml capacity!  Not sure what's up with the influx of 30mm tanks, but I can dig it.  I just need a mod to put them on.  This one has a clamp center post and regular outer posts as well as top fill.

Authentic GeekVape Creed RTA - $36.99 (29.99 w/ MAP)
30mm, 4.5ml/6.5ml capacity.   *PREORDER*  810 or 510 drip tip compatible.  Looks like swappable decks for single/dual coil post setup.  Also includes 3 different swappable airflow setups as well as adjustable AFC on the bottom ring.

Authentic VXV Soulmate RTA - $36.50 ($28.46 w/ MAP)
24mm.  Single coil setup.  Not sure how I feel about the split tank look especially since its only for looks.  "Ultem tank sections gices high-end look and durability."  Also the drip tip is atrocious.


Iwodevape Stainless Steel 810 Drip Tip 5 Pack - $4.62
810 Stainless Steel tips in rainbow finish.

Iwodevape Stainless Steel 510 Drip Tip 5 Pack - $4.52
510 Stainless Steel tips in rainbow finish.

ST PEI 510 Drip Tip - $1.39
PEI (Ultem) 510 drip tip.  It says its for the Radius V2, but its just a standard 510 tip.  5 pack also available in the drop down.

POM 510 Drip Tips 5 Pack - $7.88
I like the style of this, looks very comfy on the mouth.  White also available in the drop down.  Stainless Steel version of these here.


AOLVAPE Silicon + Stainless Squonk Refill Bottle 30ml - $6.09
30ml squonk refill bottle with 510 connection.

Authentic Wotofo 22mm Cap for Recurve RDA - $9.99
6 different colors available in the drop downs.  Ships in 7 Business Days currently, so you may be waiting for a bit.

Authentic Vapesoon Replacment Glass for SMOK Resa Prince 2 Pack - $2.70
Check the drop downs on this.  You should be able to find replacement glass for just about anything.  I bought Vapesoon replacement glass for my GeekVape Ammit 22mm a while back and they fit perfectly.


The fact that they have this in the description "Salad bar is easily inflate" and show pictures of it with a nice breakfast gets it a solid position in the WTF section this week.

Hmmm...  The meat on the grill remind you guys and gals of anything?

Sunday, July 15, 2018

FastTech Styled Digest - 7/8/2018 to 7/15/2018

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


SXK BB Styled 70W Mod - $75.00
Another listing for the Clone Billet Box, this time without the authentic DNA board.  Also it says MAP works, but on my end, I'm not seeing a discount when applying the code to it.  A slightly more budget friendly version, as long as you don't mind not having a real DNA board.  Still has USB charging which the original never had. Black version in the drop down.

Authentic Sigelei Sobra 198W Mod - $61.89
Dual 18650, 198W, "electroplating edition".  I like the "electroplating" look.  Past that, not a huge fan.  Its probably comfortable to hold, and it does support TC with a bunch of built in TCRs.


AFK Studio Easy One Eda RDA - $29.44
24mm.  For the extremely lazy.  Once the coils are wrecked, just unscrew the entire deck, posts, coil, cotton assembly and throw it away.  I can't find listings for replacements, so I'm not sure how price efficient it is.  Honestly I think this concept is stupid.  Just buy a clearo if you want fully replaceable coils, and get an RDA when you're ready to learn how to build.  This might be okay for anyone with an impairment that prevents them from building coils, but they still want that full experience without visiting a local shop or friend anytime they want a new coil.

Authentic GAS Mods Nixon S RDA - $34.99 ($29.99 w/ MAP)
304SS w/ PMMA top cap, 22mm, and BF pin included.  Looks to be a well thought out build area and airflow.  Not a huge fan of grub screws, but I think they fit this application perfectly. TONS of colors in the drop down for the PMMA top cap.

Reload X Styled RDA - $8.61
24mm with BF pin.  Dual top airflow, and a quad post deck.  PEI 810 drip tip included.  The only problem I have is how long you are going to have to make the wicks to reach the deck since the coils have to be positioned over the airflow, other than that, it looks like a pretty solid 24mm squonking atty.

Authentic CoilArt DPRO Mini RDA - $24.99 ($20.57 w/ MAP)
22mm, with BF pin.  Yet another deck with the included dips in each side for a build rod to perfectly align your coil.  I like the post system since it should be easy to capture legs once you cut them to the correct length.  The juice well is plenty deep too.  And it comes with 3 different drip tips.  1x5mm for "small coils", 1x8mm for "big coils" and 1x13mm for "MTL style".

Kindbright Haku Venna Styled RDA - $17.00
22mm with BF pin.  Not much to say here... Its the Haku Venna.  I can say how much I like the notches in the deck for coil placement.  Just looks like an overall improvement on the Haku.


27mm, bubble glass, 4ml capacity single coil RTA.  Slap a fat clapton in here and blow some clouds.  Easy top fill and the flared top should be easy to get a hold of and unscrew for refilling.  Bottom airflow control that comes through the posts so you should have issues with excess juice running out the AFC.  Uses 810 drip tips and the included one is ultem (PEI).  The top filling picture is also hilarious, not sure that's how most people put juice in their RTA Wismec, but you do you.


AOLVAPE Resin 810 + 510 2 Pack - $5.28
Random colors.  I really like the shape of the 510 tip for an MTL setup, but only if I could get it in black/gold.

POM 510 Drip Tips 5 Pack - $2.43
Interesting color on these. And a 5 pack for only $2.43.

Resin 810 + 510 2 Pack - $3.25
I like the 810, the 510 is about as plain as it gets though.  Double o-rings so it should hold on what you put it on.

Resin 810 Drip Tip - $2.49
White and purple, double o-rings.  4 pack available in the drop down as well.

Iwodevape Acrylic 510 Drip Tips 5 Pack - $5.26
27mm tall, with multiple colors in the drop down.  These almost made the WTF section, but I guess they really do belong in the drip tips section.


Mechanical Mod Replacement Squonk Bottle - $2.88
Its a squonk bottle, with a slide cover refill port.  Its actually 2 holes, one for air relief, 1 for filling.  As long as the slide cover actually makes a solid seal, these could be pretty awesome, otherwise you're going to be squonking right into your mod.


Single use kitchen items are dumb.  This one for "peeling" eggs is even worse.  I guess you just put up to 5 eggs in there and shake the shit out of them?  I honestly don't believe this will properly peel eggs without also annihilating them in the process.  Just peel your eggs like a normal person.

Super pricey, but neat.  It's a fluorescent tube 6 digit display clock.  "Fluorescent tube model: IV-18 (ИB-18 1984-1992 manufactured by the former Soviet Union)"  It can do Hour/Minute/Second in 12 or 24H,  It can also do Year/Month/Day AND Chinese Lunar Date in all the important combinations of YY-MM-DD, etc.  2 independent alarms, and it sets GMT Time Zone based on Satellite location.  It also autorotates the display based on orientation.

Nitecore is now making tactical pens.  Great for writing, also great for stabbing.  Features TC4 Titanium Alloy, Tungsten Steel, a ceramic bead, and a sexy Schneider Gelion 39 refill.

When your meme is now a tissue holding box, getting punched in the face on FastTech, you know its like 100% dead.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

FastTech Styled Digest - Flash Sale until 7/15

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FastTech is currently running a sale on some e-cig products.  Up to 50% off, mostly in the 15-35% range.  

There are RDAs, RTAs, mods and some accessories.

Use code: DEALS

Saturday, July 7, 2018

FastTech Styled Digest - 7/1/2018 to 7/7/2018

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


Aspire Puxos 80W/100W TC Mod - $39.93
18650/20700/21700.  What size battery you use determines max wattage.  Pretty small design and it has TC.  I think $40 for a 21700 mod is going to be hard to beat, hopefully you like the styling.  Surely there will be some more listings soon with different panels, or at the very least, just different panels listed.

Elthunder V3 Styled 18650/20700 Mech - $18.00
18650/20700 Mech mod.  A couple of different colors in the drop down.  Looks pretty simple and to the point.  No other pictures listed on FT, but what I can find elsewhere online it looks to be a hybrid top, and screw down locking button.

Vandy Vape Simple EX Squonk 20W 850mAh - $59.99 ($43.33 w/ MAP)
5 different colors with matching top cap/front panel.  I linked the green because its the most obscene, but there is black and ultem as well.  One thing to note, this mod is VV only and from the description is recommended for nic salts.  At only 20W, that's just about all this is good for.  It does squonk, and you might could use a different MTL atty on it and be okay.  I think even with MAP the price is a little high, but this would make a great starter for someone who wants nic salts, but not a pod system.


Phevanda Bell MTL RDA - $35.00 ($27.44 w/ MAP)
22mm, top airflow, BF pin included.  Looks like a simple to build on deck and should hopefully have a tight draw since its listed as MTL.  Not sure how well MTL and top airflow will work together.  I do like the build/display stand it comes with and the exterior design isn't bad IMO.

SXK Venom Atty Styled RDA - $15.90 ($13.16 w/ MAP)
22mm with BF pin.  It has 4 "posts" but only enough room for 1 coil.  This way you can build your coil without have to face the legs different ways if that isn't your style.  Pretty plain styling, but that's great if you don't want something that looks ridiculous on top of your mod.

YFTK O-Atty X Styled RDA - $14.89
22mm with BF pin.  The exterior styling is very weird.  I do like the grub screw/hex for the posts and the fact that they put an indent in the deck for using a build rod is awesome.  No more fiddling to get the coil in the right spot.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA - $17.20
22mm with BF pin.  Another little MTL atty with a BF pin.  This one also has the indent for a build rod to line up your coil just right.  The post design looks like it should be easy to capture coil legs in.  I'm not sure how I feel about the airflow, but it looks highly adjustable.  You can even fully close 1 side off.

Coppervape Skyfall Styled RDA - $16.75
22mm with BF pin.  The interchangeable airflow sells me on this just by itself.  I don't think the chamber is small enough for MTL, but it might just work.


FTL Styled RTA - $27.44
28mm!  4ml capacity.  Only 2 pictures on FastTech, but look at that build deck.  HUGE juice wells, massive centered airflow and quad posts for capturing coil legs.


Resin and Stainless 810 Drip Tip (5 Pack) - $11.77
810 drip tips, 20mm tall.  Singles of each color available in the drop down for $2.77 each.

Skullvape Stainless and Resin 810 Drip Tip (5 Pack) - $9.79
810 drip tips, 18mm tall.  5 pack, all random colors.  Singles of random color in the drop down as well.

Resin 810 Flat Mouth Drip Tip (2 Pack) - $4.83
810 drip tip, 18mm.  Flat mouth 810s FINALLY!  5 pack random colors also available in the drop down.

Iwodevape Resin 810 Drip Tips (4 Pack) - $9.39
810 drip tip, 18mm.  More interesting patterns from Iwodevape.  Couldn't find singles of these though, so you order 4 or you order none :(


Iwodevape Stainless 810 Drip Tip Heat Sink (4 Pack) - $5.26
Heat sink adapaters for your 810 drip tips.  Most of the 810 drip tips I've seen are resin... So not sure what purpose these serve, but if you've got a metal one that gets too hot, this might help.

Iwodevape Stainless 510 to 810 Adapter (4 pack) - $5.26
Now you can put 810s on your 510 only attys.  I like the knurling for these.

Acrylic 16-hole 510 Display Stand - $10.47
Also available in the drop down: 1 hole, 2 hole, 5 hole, and 10 hole variations.


Yup, just a glass straw here.  Definitely no alternate uses.  Oh and its "high temperature resistant" and comes with a plastic carrying case, as well as cleaning brush.