Friday, June 29, 2018

FTSD - A Digest of Digests.

So today I decided to waste more time at work than I would like to admit and move all the previous Digests to blog posts. (TIL Blogger lets you set a publish date, so I can keep posts in proper order)

The very first FTSD - This is where it all started.  The first person to ever point out a mistake in the Digest, /u/Targren also ended up being the giveaway winner on the Dvarw MTL RTA over 2 years later... Gotta love weird shit like that when it happens.

The Third Digest - The creation and introduction of the "Not Vaping Related, but worth mentioning" section that eventually transformed into the "WTF" section that I do currently.

Digest #4 - Nothing too special.  This is the first Digest posted after I bought the FTSD domain.  Somewhat significant to me :)

Digest Numero 5 - Oumier (yes, that makes the Wasp that everyone loved) had a tank featured here that I completely forgot over the years... The Demon Tower. Square glass, square RDA, square driptip... WTF were they thinking?

And on the 7th Digest... - Not sure why I did it, but I included an entire section for building a skateboard with FT parts.  The comments on this post on reddit were out of control lol.  Also the appearance of the Pizza+Taco+Cat shirt as well as the Purple Llama Unicorn shirt.

The Tenth Digest - I had a contest to get someone to help with the website.  It failed miserably.  I didn't get a single submission or PM about this.  A really stupid idea in hindsight.  Oh well, live and learn.

Digest #11 AKA Male Underwear Models - That time I literally had to dig though what felt like hundreds of male underwear models to find vape stuff.  Relevant imgur

Digest #12 AKA When I stopped doing the Digest -  My cat passed away earlier that week.  Put me in a terrible mood because I loved that little dude.  R.I.P. Waffle

**Insert Over 1 years worth of time off from the Digest here**

Digest #13 - The triumphant return.  There was also a 14th Digest, but nothing notable.

**Insert Another 6 month break of not doing the Digest**

And then you guys have seen all the new posts already on the Digest.

Going back and taking a few hours to get these formatted and posted on the Blog was a neat experience.  I loved getting a look back at where I started, when I started doing certain things, and literally seeing names that commented on the FTSD from 2 years ago that are literally still around and active today that post on the FTSD when I do new posts now.  I'm still wondering if /u/sychophantom ever ordered that Taco+Pizza+Cat shirt...

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