Saturday, June 30, 2018

FTSD - 6/24/18 to 6/30/18

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


Dual parallel, OR Quad Parallel/Series if you use the ridiculous extension tubes.  Besides the glaring issues, like the 510 sitting lower than the molded plastic around the sides and what looks like terrible construction, this is kind of neat.  Maybe some company will make a V2 version that fixes the issues this one has.

Stab wood, china board, overpriced IMO.  Not sure how I feel about the fire button position.  If this had a legit DNA75, and was priced around the $85, I might consider purchasing it.

Several different colors in the drop down.  Comes with the BHIVE RDA.  Single 18650, with a 7ml bottle.  For $43.65 this might not be a bad way to get started squonking with a mod that looks pretty good honestly.


30mm, all glass top cap.  Comes with a very interesting deck, and what looks to be a deck extension.  Hopefully the little posts for the deck extension are well made and don't have a large voltage drop.  If you want a swag 30mm RDA with a deck that can take any kind of coil, this is it.

Another 30mm RDA.  Definitely a non-standard deck, but the airflow looks interesting and the juice wells are definitely deep enough you won't be redripping too often.  I like the plain exterior of this one.  Fits 810 drip tips.  "Compatible with most squonk MODs" <-- But I don't see a BF pin listed or in the pictures.

316SS, 24mm, BF pin included.  Several different color options in the drop downs.  The deck looks easy enough to build on, but I'm not sure the juice well is deep enough to even try to use this on a squonk mod.  I really just like this for the drip tip.

24mm, BF pin included.  Maybe this thing is awesome, maybe it really sucks.  But any RDA that comes with a jig for cutting coil legs to the correct length is a hard pass for me.  The pictures show that is uses a 510 drip tip, and the description says its 810 compatible.

22mm, BF pin included.  Not a huge fan of the exterior styling, but it comes with multiple air flow inserts and an airflow ring to dial this in right where you want it.  The deck looks easy enough to build on and the juice well is plenty deep for squonking.


316SS, 17mm.  I'm not sure what to think of this...  I guess if you've been looking for a 17mm RTA, this is what you need.

VG M5 Styled RTA - $22.89
316SS, 23mm, 5ml capacity.  I really love the exterior styling of this.  Not sure if you can get this to MTL draw, but that chimney is TINY so I'm betting you can.  Build deck is setup for single coil and the wicking looks super easy.  Top refill is like the cherry on top.

JuggerKnot Styled RTA - $24.57
316SS, 24mm, 4/6ml capacity.  Not sure how the capacity changes, since the pictures don't show a bubble tank.  The deck looks easy to build on though.  Top airflow kind of kills it.  I've yet to hear anything good about top airflow since it usually mutes flavor pretty hard.


SS + Resin 810 Drip Tip - $2.33
810, non-random colors.  5 different styles in the drop downs.  Each one has solid stripes in it.

Resin 810 Drip Tip - $2.27
810, non-random colors.  5 different styles in the drop down.  Looks extremely similar to the above drip tip, but no SS and it has the flared base.

Iwodevape SS + PEI 810 Drip Tip (5 pack) - $10.55
810.  I couldn't find singles of these, but I like the looks.  Probably a little tall for most people at 18.5mm, but I'm sure you can find something this will look good on.

Glass 810 Drip Tip (2 pack) - $3.12
Glass 810 drip tips.  One of each color included.  Now if only FastTech would post some full teflon 810s we would have an 810 in every material.

Coil Father Aluminum + POM Drip Tip - $1.53
Not listed as 810, so I'm going to assume this is 510 from the picture.  4 different colors in the drop down.  I like the combination of Black/Blue/Gold the most out of all of them.

Resin + SS 510 Drip Tip (4 pack) - $7.58
510 sized and only 15.5mm tall.  Random colors.

Iwodevape Resin 510 Drip Tip (5 pack) - $5.63
510 and only 13.5mm tall.  These are some short little tips.  I love the pattern and the colors of these.  I think the purple is probably the best looking and hard to beat 5 of these for $5.63


Random colors.  Everyone needs an atty stand or two :P

It says it fits 100ml bottles, but there aren't any links or listings for specific ones on FastTech so...  Good luck if you buy this.  Let me know what it fits on since I need one of these for my squonker.


It's got a small little bulldog on the front, but wait until you see the back.  Literally you're entire ass is covered in bulldog face.

I know these are old news, but I love seeing stuff that should have died out ages ago showing up on FastTech over and over again.

Possibly the worst idea I have ever seen.  I literally don't know anyone that would even consider using this.  Just spend the extra money and buy desktop RAM.

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