Saturday, June 9, 2018

FTSD - 6/3/2018 to 6/9/2018

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18650/21700 (20700?) 100W, TC, Squonker.  5 different color offerings, USB charging.  How do you think this will stack up to the OG Squeeze?  I personally think its awesome.

Tons of colors in the drop down.  Includes Kanger Subtank Mini styled RBA deck with bridge, Kanger Subtank coil adapter, and a Nautilus BVC coil adapter.  Black delrin drip tip included.

Looks like FT only has a listing for Red.  18650/21700 (20700?).  The whole back door is removable for bottle/battery access.  No shots of the 510, so that's the only thing I'm iffy about, but overall, not a bad looking mod.

3000mah, 80w, 25mm, Clear included.  Really only listing these because of the colors.  They look awesome, but I'm not a fan of tube mods with built in batteries.  Make this thing take 21700s and I'd give it a hard consideration for sure.


Authentic GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA - $29.90 ($24.49 with MAP)
22mm, top airflow, single coil and MTL.  I love my Ammit tank from GeekVape and this looks pretty sweet.  The only problem I have is that there is no BF pin or option for one it seems.  Pretty much a deal breaker.  But if you don't squonk, this thing is probably awesome.

Authentic VXV X RDA - $38.50
24mm, 304SS.  Nothing fancy here.  The deck is a little different and it comes with a BF pin.  Maybe if the price wasn't so high I would go with it.  The way the BF pin is setup, it squonks under the main deck so it shouldn't ever come close to the airholes, but I'm not sure if its $40 worth of RDA.

Hussar V1 Styled RDA - $8.77
22mm with BF pin.  Super simple design, should be easy to build on and the juice wells look plenty deep.  Still not sure what they mean by "One injection hole, e-juice injection can be quite easy without taking off any lid" but sure I'll believe you.

Kindbright M-Atty Styled RDA - $13.79
22mm, 316SS, with BF Pin + Post. Dual coil, clamp posts side airflow with AFC.  If you want to squonk, you replace the 510 pin and post with the BF version.  Not a bad setup if you want dual coil and squonking.  A ton of BF stuff being released is all single coil only.


Authentic Cool Vapor Cavalry RDTA - $29.90 ($28.03 with MAP)
24.5mm, 316SS, 3ml capacity with BF pin ONLY.  So its a genny, dual coil with BF.  I like the glass at the bottom so you can see how much juice you have left, but I'm not sure about the BF component of this.  I think it would work fine since there is a pretty good lip around the juice well.  The post holes are also super wide so you should be able to fit anything in there.


ALDAER Resin 810 + 510 Drip Tips (10 Pieces) - $13.00 ($7.95 with MAP)
Pretty wide range of styles and the fact that MAP code drops them to $8 for 10 tips isn't too bad.

AOLVAPE 510 to 810 Adapter (3) - $3.83 ($1.66 Singles)
If you really want to run one of those fancy resin 810 drip tips on your 510 atty, AOLVAPE has got you covered with adapters.  3 pack for $3.83, or you can pick up singles or 4 packs of any of the colors.


Vape Belt Clip - $3.23
Its a belt clip for your vape...  Plenty of room to line it up how you like on your 510.  Not sure how much stress this is going to put on your 510 though, so I recommend using this on mods you hate.

Authentic XFKM 316L SS Alien Clapton (300FT) - $37.45
XFKM stepping it up here, check the drop downs for really any styled of wire you could want, and buy THREE HUNDRED FEET of it.  No more messing around with buying 5-10 coils when you can pick up 300FT of whatever you want.


Arguably my favorite section when there are items to add to it.  I hope you enjoy these items as much as I do.

Its an inflatable pool, for racing boats... but its like 4ft by 3ft.  Surely if you had R/C boats, you already have a pool... or a lake? Or literally anything besides this tiny ass pool to use and drive them in.

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