Saturday, June 2, 2018

FTSD - 5/26/2018 to 6/2/2018

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25mm, available in Brass, Copper and Black.  Pretty clean design, but not enough pictures to see if the button is any good.  Apparently also named wrong on FT, it should be labeled the Admiral V2 Styled Mech Mod.

2100mah, 40w, with an interesting pod/coil system.  Refillable pod and replaceable coils.  Not sure how well it will work, or if it will leak, but it looks promising.

Dual 18650, 200W, lots of colors available.  Not sure how I feel about the bottom loading batteries, but it definitely keeps the mod slim.  No temp controlo in the listing.


24mm.  A few new listings again.  Looks like maybe some new colors, or just a relist of FT.  Not much to say about this atty that you don't already know.

22mm, BF pin, 304ss.  The extended airflow channels look like they might direct it more to the coil.  Similar styled deck as all the other single coil BF RDAs of this style.

24mm, BF pin.  Side, bottom, and top airflow. As well as interesting channel for juice from the BF pin.  This is probably the highest airflow you'll get out of a single coil BF atty.


Authentic Asvape Zeta RTA - $45.00 ($28.95 with MAP)
22mm, 2.5ml capacity, looks setup for MTL.  Comes with a ceramic spacer and a ceramic chamber reducer.  Postless deck should be easy to build on as well and the wicking looks super simple.

Biatch Styled RDTA - $15.23
22mm, 1.5ml capacity, 304L SS.  Super simple single coil genny.  Not much to say.  This thing looks like it will be awesome.

KYLIN Mini Styled RTA - $12.76
3/5ML capacity.  Random drip tip colors.  Looks to be a pretty decent clone honestly.


17.8mm.  Not sure what this would look good on, but I dig the styling.

13mm, Random colors.  This is PHAT 510 drip tip.  Looks like it would be comfy and its pretty damn short too.

5 random color resin 810 drip tips. 18mm tall.


Arguably my favorite section when there are items to add to it.  I hope you enjoy these items as much as I do.

It's only 6 foot long, so you better be pretty small to fit you and a friend in here.  Includes the pump, oars, patch kit and "lifesaving rope"  But seriously for $15 this thing probably wouldn't be half bad for a single person kayak to go screw around at a lake or pond.

Where to even get started on this... You can get a GOOD thermos for less than $40.  This uses a keurig styled k-cup that you fill with grounds, and 2 AAA batteries to brew 8oz of coffee...  Yes a tiny ass cup of coffee.  I guess if you really really really must have fresh coffee instead of "old" coffee out of a thermos this would be for you.

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