Friday, May 18, 2018

FTSD Review - Dvarw MTL Styled RTA - 2ML

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This product was sent to me from FastTech for free to review. 

The Dvarw MTL Styled RTA (2ml)

Whats in the packaging:  1 RTA, 1 shitty drip tip, a baggy of spare parts including replacement o-rings, different size airflow adapters, and an allen key that is the correct size for the screws, airflow reducers and 510.

There is no screw like the Kayfun to fill without taking the deck out, there is no AFC... you just get different sized inserts for the deck to reduce/increase airflow, and the included drip tip is bad, like really bad.

Here's the RTA broken all the way down.  The main thing I see being an issue in the future is the large number of o-rings.  The drop-in for the wick holes has an o-ring, and the chimney has 2 o-rings.  This makes it easy to disassemble, but I think if you have any o-ring issues, you will have leaks into the chamber. I haven't had any issues in the week I've been using it so far.

On the plus side, it actually came from FastTech not smelling like machine oil.  I still gave it a thorough cleaning, and checked all the o-rings first.  None were damaged which was great.

 The posts are close together, and there is nothing fancy to get in the way of building a tiny coil and sitting it really close to the air hole.  BUT the posts have no holes, so we get to go back to the stone age of vaping and wrap our leads around the screws.  The fact that the wick holes can be put anywhere around the deck means the coil just needs to be lined up over the airflow.

I built a 2mm inner diameter coil out of 27g kanthal, 6 wraps, and it came out to  0.78 ohm

I cut a nice little strip of Koh Gen Do, removed the outer layer on each side, pulled it through and cut 1 side.  Yes I'm that guy.  I don't cut my wicks even because I'm lazy.

I pulled the wicks straight up and put the bottom half of the chimney over them and seated it on the deck.  Best part about this is you can freely turn this and line up the wick holes where ever you need them.  I soaked the wicks and made them in an S-shape against the juice holes.

The rest of assembly is very straight-forward, put the top of the chimney on, and then put the assembled top cap on.  Also make sure to use a good drip tip.  I kept the drip tip it came with, but I'll never use it.

The issue I have is there is no top-fill, and no removable fill screw.  You have to remove the deck and fill the tank from the bottom.

Bottom filling this tank is easy enough, but no matter how you do it, you won't ever get the tank *full*.  This wouldn't be a big deal with the 5ml version, but when you only have 2ml to work with, losing out on even a little bit can lead to more refills.

BTW, I think it looks great on my LPG Styled Mech.  Definitely a good stealth vape.

After a week of vaping on it so far, I haven't had any leaks, and its a satisfying vape.

Having to unscrew the deck to fill the tank every time sucks especially since it only holds 2ml, but since its MTL, 2ml actually lasts a pretty good while.

Final Thoughts and Links

Pros:  Tiny/short/sleek look.  Solid 10/10 MTL vape.  Easy to wick, no weird wick length requirements like the old Kayfun.

If you're an old school vaper who is used to building with no post holes and you don't mind disassembling the tank every time you want to fill it, this is a solid MTL vape.

Cons: No top-fill, or screw-fill on the bottom.  No post holes.  Lots of o-rings.  No AFC.  Poor drip tip.

If you haven't dealt with this style of post before, building can be frustrating, but the wicking is extremely easy.

It's hard for me to recommend this to anyone that isn't an experienced builder due to the posts and fill methods.  But the vape is so satisfying, it's hard to not recommend it to anyone looking to get into MTL vaping.

Dvarw MTL Styled RTA 2ML - $12.95 -  FastTech also has a 3.5ml and 5ml version in the drop downs.  There are also PEI replacement parts for just about everything.

LPG V2 Styled 18530 Mech Mod - $10.86 (TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT)  -  I know someone will ask, this is the mech that I use.  It's sold out and I think most in the drop downs are discontinued or also sold out.

Mini Teflon 510 Drip Tip - $1.39 - This isn't the drip tip I used in the review, I pulled that one off the ST Haku I got from FastTech, but this mini teflon is derringer height, and smooth as butter.  The Haku one pictured is just a few mm shorter than this though.  I used this mini teflon drip tip on my Derringers, and on my Magma.

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