Friday, May 25, 2018

FTSD - 5/20/2018 to 5/25/2018

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2x18650, 10-200W, Temp Control, and supports 2.5A charging.  Translucent side panels to show the color changing LEDs.


24mm, 304SS, BF pin included.  I like the airflow setup, seems like it won't have issues with squonking.  Also the ability to set this up as dual/single coil makes it versatile.  At the original price this is a hard no, but the fact that MAP drops it down to $18.24 make it reasonable.  Comes with a little atty/build stand as well.

23mm, SS and PC bellcaps included.  Another atty with the same style deck.  Pictures show a BF pin installed, but its not exactly clear in the listing if its included or not... It does show a regular 510, so I'm pretty sure it comes with regular and BF 510 pins.

22mm, 304SS, BF pin included.  Pretty hard to beat a squonking RDA for under $9.  I like the fact that it has a keyed top cap so you always line it up.  The post setup seems weird, but it should be easy to build on.  The juice well/airflow setup looks like it will be really hard to over squonk this.


Kindbright Sherman V3 Styled RTA - $17.40
25mm, 4ml capacity, 316ss.  Clamp posts, raised airflow channels, pretty large airflow, deep wick well, and top airflow.  I like the external styling since it clean and not super flashy.

Authentic eXvape eXpromizer v3 Fire RTA - $39.00
22mm x 70mm, 4ml capacity.  This thing is tall, and has a shitload of parts.  It looks like it breaks down all the way to basically nothing for cleaning and adjustments.  Top fill, top juice flow adjustment, AFC, you name it, this thing has it.  A little pricey, I'd definitely wait for reviews before picking it up.

Stutt-Art Bogati Styled RTA (Genny) - $14.63
23mm, 5ml capacity.  Built in steel rope wicks.  Looks like you just build this single or dual coil with the clamp posts, and drop your wick on top of the steel rope on the deck which should genny wick the juice up to it.  Not sure how well it will work, and the quality in the FT pictures looks awful, but I had to included this weird piece of hardware.  Hopefully the steel rope is removable...


15.5mm tall.  Listed these just because the resin part is threaded and removable.... Doesn't make any sense though, because you can't buy just the resin part anywhere that I can see, but I guess you can break them down for cleaning???  But if they weren't threaded, you wouldn't need to take them apart for cleaning.

13.5mm tall.  Exactly the same as above, but in 810.

17mm tall, and looks to be just as wide at the base.  Rainbow swag resin drip tip.

20.5mm tall.  Random colors.  Put a little shimmer on top of your favorite 510 compatible atty :)


AOLVAPE Epoxy Resin Display (4 Pack) - $7.05
30mm, 510 threaded display stands.  4 of them for $7 isn't bad at all.  Random colors.  If you don't have any of these, they are great for building on and for storing RTAs upright if you don't feel like cleaning them out at the time.


It's getting hot outside, why not have a convenient way to carry around a half gallon of your favorite beverage to keep you cool?

Maybe you don't fancy beer, here's a way to make ice and cool off a bottled beverage at the same time.


Arguably my favorite section when there are items to add to it.  I hope you enjoy these items as much as I do.

Flower seeds... on FastTech.  And there are a TON of them that just got listed.  Check the drop down out.  Beware though, most of these look fake.  Blue roses don't exist unless dyed, blue watermelon is definitely not a thing either.

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