Saturday, May 19, 2018

Fasttech Digest 5/13-5/19

It's Fasttech Digest time!!!


Genny 2 Styled RTA - $23.54 - Here's a review of the original. Basically a Kraken with more Ultem on it. If you're a masochist who loves mesh builds, I'm sure you'll be able to make this thing produce vapor. Nuff said.

Ataman II Styled RTA - $23.91 - Here's a review of the original. If you're a masochist who doesn't believe that RTA design has advanced since mid 2013, I bet you'd love this. Featuring ugly-ass fins and a long-ass drip tip. I actually kinda like the drip tip. Looks like if someone was shown a blurry picture of a Rose V3 and was told to recreate it in a cave with a box of scraps.

KYLIN Styled RTA - $16.91 - Just look at that last picture. The 'gold-plated postless build deck' looks corroded and toxic. If you think $25 is just too much for an authentic Kylin, feel free to roll the dice with this hot mess.

Joyetech Exceed Air Plus - $21.39 - I'm glad that manufacturers are fully committed to the whole bubble tank look at this point. 'Push-to-the-side' top fill has never really worked for me, but maybe Joyetech has figured it out by now. Claims to be good for MTL and DL vaping, probably isn't.

Velocity V3 Styled RDA - $8.05 - You won't get more airflow for your money anywhere!

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA - $23.22 - Claims to have 'Innovation smooth gearwheel airflow control with 8 levels mouth to lung vaping'. Not sure why it's 22.2mm diameter. Design looks good overall, can't really find an issue with it. Comes with a bubble tank too. Also comes in GOOOOLD.

Phevanda A1 RDA - $25.97 with MAP - Not a clone maybe? Has a bunch of holes on the outside and has a weird airflow disk thing inside. The drip tip goes on a plinth for some reason. Weird looking but probably not awful. Give it a shot if you want a strange BF RDA.

Smok TFV12 Prince Cobra - $34.11 - Smok is running out of ideas.


IJOY Saber 100W - $38.69 - A 20700 regulated tube mod. With the patent-pending IWEPAL chipset, sure to deliver wonderful power cool vape. The price is right and it's not crazy long. IJOY's mods have been pretty iffy in the past, but hopefully the technological breakthroughs contained within the IWEPAL chipset will fix all this. Look out Evolv and Yihi, IWEPAL is coming through!

Strawberry e Hookah 0mg - $3.12 - Never seen one of these with 0 nicotine before. It's got a glitzy diamond at the butt end and an awesome chrome drip tip. Your only concern with this thing is making your friends TOO jealous!

eGo-T CE4 900mAh - $3.87 - It might be 2018, but don't tell Fasttech! Someone at the Fasttech warehouse found a box full of old CE4 kits, and here they are for YOU! Real talk, I miss the capacity marks on tanks.


Eleaf iStick Pico Baby PLAID EDITION - Plaid is the new tiffany blue.

Eleaf Lexicon 235W Mod - $51.49 - It's covered in LEDs, dual 18650 and has a silly name. Ticks all the boxes for a modern vaping device as far as I can tell.

Vaporesso Armour Pro - $37.89 - The screen is the fire button! I dig it, Vaporesso mods have been solid in the past. The world needs more 2x700 mods.

Billet Styled Box - $101.95 - It's blue.


PC 510 Drip Tip - $2.30 each, $7.66 4-pack - I like clear frosted drip tips. The dent in the inside looks like it'd be comfortable to rest your tongue against.

810 to 510 Adapter - $3.37 3-pack - No-nonsense accessories. Available individually in the drop down.


Karnoo Milk Curd Flavor

T2 Americano Flavor

T2 Latte Flavor

T2 Cappuccino Flavor

Salvia Red Hilton Flavor

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