Friday, May 25, 2018

FTSD - 5/20/2018 to 5/25/2018

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2x18650, 10-200W, Temp Control, and supports 2.5A charging.  Translucent side panels to show the color changing LEDs.


24mm, 304SS, BF pin included.  I like the airflow setup, seems like it won't have issues with squonking.  Also the ability to set this up as dual/single coil makes it versatile.  At the original price this is a hard no, but the fact that MAP drops it down to $18.24 make it reasonable.  Comes with a little atty/build stand as well.

23mm, SS and PC bellcaps included.  Another atty with the same style deck.  Pictures show a BF pin installed, but its not exactly clear in the listing if its included or not... It does show a regular 510, so I'm pretty sure it comes with regular and BF 510 pins.

22mm, 304SS, BF pin included.  Pretty hard to beat a squonking RDA for under $9.  I like the fact that it has a keyed top cap so you always line it up.  The post setup seems weird, but it should be easy to build on.  The juice well/airflow setup looks like it will be really hard to over squonk this.


Kindbright Sherman V3 Styled RTA - $17.40
25mm, 4ml capacity, 316ss.  Clamp posts, raised airflow channels, pretty large airflow, deep wick well, and top airflow.  I like the external styling since it clean and not super flashy.

Authentic eXvape eXpromizer v3 Fire RTA - $39.00
22mm x 70mm, 4ml capacity.  This thing is tall, and has a shitload of parts.  It looks like it breaks down all the way to basically nothing for cleaning and adjustments.  Top fill, top juice flow adjustment, AFC, you name it, this thing has it.  A little pricey, I'd definitely wait for reviews before picking it up.

Stutt-Art Bogati Styled RTA (Genny) - $14.63
23mm, 5ml capacity.  Built in steel rope wicks.  Looks like you just build this single or dual coil with the clamp posts, and drop your wick on top of the steel rope on the deck which should genny wick the juice up to it.  Not sure how well it will work, and the quality in the FT pictures looks awful, but I had to included this weird piece of hardware.  Hopefully the steel rope is removable...


15.5mm tall.  Listed these just because the resin part is threaded and removable.... Doesn't make any sense though, because you can't buy just the resin part anywhere that I can see, but I guess you can break them down for cleaning???  But if they weren't threaded, you wouldn't need to take them apart for cleaning.

13.5mm tall.  Exactly the same as above, but in 810.

17mm tall, and looks to be just as wide at the base.  Rainbow swag resin drip tip.

20.5mm tall.  Random colors.  Put a little shimmer on top of your favorite 510 compatible atty :)


AOLVAPE Epoxy Resin Display (4 Pack) - $7.05
30mm, 510 threaded display stands.  4 of them for $7 isn't bad at all.  Random colors.  If you don't have any of these, they are great for building on and for storing RTAs upright if you don't feel like cleaning them out at the time.


It's getting hot outside, why not have a convenient way to carry around a half gallon of your favorite beverage to keep you cool?

Maybe you don't fancy beer, here's a way to make ice and cool off a bottled beverage at the same time.


Arguably my favorite section when there are items to add to it.  I hope you enjoy these items as much as I do.

Flower seeds... on FastTech.  And there are a TON of them that just got listed.  Check the drop down out.  Beware though, most of these look fake.  Blue roses don't exist unless dyed, blue watermelon is definitely not a thing either.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Fasttech Digest 5/13-5/19

It's Fasttech Digest time!!!


Genny 2 Styled RTA - $23.54 - Here's a review of the original. Basically a Kraken with more Ultem on it. If you're a masochist who loves mesh builds, I'm sure you'll be able to make this thing produce vapor. Nuff said.

Ataman II Styled RTA - $23.91 - Here's a review of the original. If you're a masochist who doesn't believe that RTA design has advanced since mid 2013, I bet you'd love this. Featuring ugly-ass fins and a long-ass drip tip. I actually kinda like the drip tip. Looks like if someone was shown a blurry picture of a Rose V3 and was told to recreate it in a cave with a box of scraps.

KYLIN Styled RTA - $16.91 - Just look at that last picture. The 'gold-plated postless build deck' looks corroded and toxic. If you think $25 is just too much for an authentic Kylin, feel free to roll the dice with this hot mess.

Joyetech Exceed Air Plus - $21.39 - I'm glad that manufacturers are fully committed to the whole bubble tank look at this point. 'Push-to-the-side' top fill has never really worked for me, but maybe Joyetech has figured it out by now. Claims to be good for MTL and DL vaping, probably isn't.

Velocity V3 Styled RDA - $8.05 - You won't get more airflow for your money anywhere!

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA - $23.22 - Claims to have 'Innovation smooth gearwheel airflow control with 8 levels mouth to lung vaping'. Not sure why it's 22.2mm diameter. Design looks good overall, can't really find an issue with it. Comes with a bubble tank too. Also comes in GOOOOLD.

Phevanda A1 RDA - $25.97 with MAP - Not a clone maybe? Has a bunch of holes on the outside and has a weird airflow disk thing inside. The drip tip goes on a plinth for some reason. Weird looking but probably not awful. Give it a shot if you want a strange BF RDA.

Smok TFV12 Prince Cobra - $34.11 - Smok is running out of ideas.


IJOY Saber 100W - $38.69 - A 20700 regulated tube mod. With the patent-pending IWEPAL chipset, sure to deliver wonderful power cool vape. The price is right and it's not crazy long. IJOY's mods have been pretty iffy in the past, but hopefully the technological breakthroughs contained within the IWEPAL chipset will fix all this. Look out Evolv and Yihi, IWEPAL is coming through!

Strawberry e Hookah 0mg - $3.12 - Never seen one of these with 0 nicotine before. It's got a glitzy diamond at the butt end and an awesome chrome drip tip. Your only concern with this thing is making your friends TOO jealous!

eGo-T CE4 900mAh - $3.87 - It might be 2018, but don't tell Fasttech! Someone at the Fasttech warehouse found a box full of old CE4 kits, and here they are for YOU! Real talk, I miss the capacity marks on tanks.


Eleaf iStick Pico Baby PLAID EDITION - Plaid is the new tiffany blue.

Eleaf Lexicon 235W Mod - $51.49 - It's covered in LEDs, dual 18650 and has a silly name. Ticks all the boxes for a modern vaping device as far as I can tell.

Vaporesso Armour Pro - $37.89 - The screen is the fire button! I dig it, Vaporesso mods have been solid in the past. The world needs more 2x700 mods.

Billet Styled Box - $101.95 - It's blue.


PC 510 Drip Tip - $2.30 each, $7.66 4-pack - I like clear frosted drip tips. The dent in the inside looks like it'd be comfortable to rest your tongue against.

810 to 510 Adapter - $3.37 3-pack - No-nonsense accessories. Available individually in the drop down.


Karnoo Milk Curd Flavor

T2 Americano Flavor

T2 Latte Flavor

T2 Cappuccino Flavor

Salvia Red Hilton Flavor

Friday, May 18, 2018

FTSD Review - Dvarw MTL Styled RTA - 2ML

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This product was sent to me from FastTech for free to review. 

The Dvarw MTL Styled RTA (2ml)

Whats in the packaging:  1 RTA, 1 shitty drip tip, a baggy of spare parts including replacement o-rings, different size airflow adapters, and an allen key that is the correct size for the screws, airflow reducers and 510.

There is no screw like the Kayfun to fill without taking the deck out, there is no AFC... you just get different sized inserts for the deck to reduce/increase airflow, and the included drip tip is bad, like really bad.

Here's the RTA broken all the way down.  The main thing I see being an issue in the future is the large number of o-rings.  The drop-in for the wick holes has an o-ring, and the chimney has 2 o-rings.  This makes it easy to disassemble, but I think if you have any o-ring issues, you will have leaks into the chamber. I haven't had any issues in the week I've been using it so far.

On the plus side, it actually came from FastTech not smelling like machine oil.  I still gave it a thorough cleaning, and checked all the o-rings first.  None were damaged which was great.

 The posts are close together, and there is nothing fancy to get in the way of building a tiny coil and sitting it really close to the air hole.  BUT the posts have no holes, so we get to go back to the stone age of vaping and wrap our leads around the screws.  The fact that the wick holes can be put anywhere around the deck means the coil just needs to be lined up over the airflow.

I built a 2mm inner diameter coil out of 27g kanthal, 6 wraps, and it came out to  0.78 ohm

I cut a nice little strip of Koh Gen Do, removed the outer layer on each side, pulled it through and cut 1 side.  Yes I'm that guy.  I don't cut my wicks even because I'm lazy.

I pulled the wicks straight up and put the bottom half of the chimney over them and seated it on the deck.  Best part about this is you can freely turn this and line up the wick holes where ever you need them.  I soaked the wicks and made them in an S-shape against the juice holes.

The rest of assembly is very straight-forward, put the top of the chimney on, and then put the assembled top cap on.  Also make sure to use a good drip tip.  I kept the drip tip it came with, but I'll never use it.

The issue I have is there is no top-fill, and no removable fill screw.  You have to remove the deck and fill the tank from the bottom.

Bottom filling this tank is easy enough, but no matter how you do it, you won't ever get the tank *full*.  This wouldn't be a big deal with the 5ml version, but when you only have 2ml to work with, losing out on even a little bit can lead to more refills.

BTW, I think it looks great on my LPG Styled Mech.  Definitely a good stealth vape.

After a week of vaping on it so far, I haven't had any leaks, and its a satisfying vape.

Having to unscrew the deck to fill the tank every time sucks especially since it only holds 2ml, but since its MTL, 2ml actually lasts a pretty good while.

Final Thoughts and Links

Pros:  Tiny/short/sleek look.  Solid 10/10 MTL vape.  Easy to wick, no weird wick length requirements like the old Kayfun.

If you're an old school vaper who is used to building with no post holes and you don't mind disassembling the tank every time you want to fill it, this is a solid MTL vape.

Cons: No top-fill, or screw-fill on the bottom.  No post holes.  Lots of o-rings.  No AFC.  Poor drip tip.

If you haven't dealt with this style of post before, building can be frustrating, but the wicking is extremely easy.

It's hard for me to recommend this to anyone that isn't an experienced builder due to the posts and fill methods.  But the vape is so satisfying, it's hard to not recommend it to anyone looking to get into MTL vaping.

Dvarw MTL Styled RTA 2ML - $12.95 -  FastTech also has a 3.5ml and 5ml version in the drop downs.  There are also PEI replacement parts for just about everything.

LPG V2 Styled 18530 Mech Mod - $10.86 (TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT)  -  I know someone will ask, this is the mech that I use.  It's sold out and I think most in the drop downs are discontinued or also sold out.

Mini Teflon 510 Drip Tip - $1.39 - This isn't the drip tip I used in the review, I pulled that one off the ST Haku I got from FastTech, but this mini teflon is derringer height, and smooth as butter.  The Haku one pictured is just a few mm shorter than this though.  I used this mini teflon drip tip on my Derringers, and on my Magma.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

FTSD - 5/5/2018 to 5/12/2018

Support Bigglesworth Labs with a permanent 10% off coupon: DONG 


Authentic HUGO VAPOR URUS 100W TC - $28.99
18650/20700/21700 compatible.  100W TC.  Looks like probably a clone DNA board.  This thing may honestly be a huge pile of garbage, but 100W at less than $30 can't be all bad... right?


22mm, BF pin included.  Another super simple squonking RDA.  I'm not a huge fan of the rounded top cap that doesn't line up with the drip tip, or the fact that you have to wrap coil legs, but for $9 and the fact it comes with 2 top caps, it might not be too bad.

24.6mm (??) BF and regular pins included.  Interesting design around the top cap and I love the drip tip.  Vertical mounting for the coil legs should make this thing easy to build on for sure.  Not sure how I feel about square air holes, but if it works, it works.  The deck looks "cluttered" but since you won't be looking at it all the time, it should be fine.  Deep juice well for squonking.


DJV Styled RDTA - $9.99
24.5mm.  If you can get past the knurling (or if that's your thing), and ignore the ridiculous post holes... Double grub screws?  I bet you can get a nice vape out of this thing.  Genny style tank on the bottom, generous amounts of airflow and post holes big enough you can fit basically any coil you can come up with in them.

Coppervape Hussar Styled RTA - $22.82
22.5mm.  Single coil, top fill, HUGE airflow, wide chimney.  Looks like this thing is set to high airflow RTA with a decent 3ml capacity.


22mm, very simple construction, 1.3ohm 'MTL' coil or a 0.2ohm coil available from the looks of it.  I'm not a huge clearo fan because I'd rather rebuild.  Honestly I only linked this because of the scaling of the hand size in the 3rd picture.


Epoxy Resin 810 Drip Tip - $3.68
810, random color.  You can really see the mesh used in these.  I kind of like it, but sadly I have no 810 compatible RTA/RDAs


Coppervape Micro Tank for Hussar RTA - $8.45
Micro tank for the Hussar listed above.  This one is 1.5ml capacity.


Arguably my favorite section when there are items to add to it.  I hope you enjoy these items as much as I do.

"Hey baby, wanna ride my tiger?"

Not sure what you're trying to catch with this... but good luck!

Also available with optional Prince Albert  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Friday, May 4, 2018

FTSD - 4/28/2018 to 5/4/2018

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18650/20700/21700 Mech Mod!  I linked the Red one because I think it looks awesome, but you can see the button/510 in the drop down on the other colors.  Great for you tube mech lovers that are tired of the battery life of 18650s.  Comes with an Insert for 18650s from what I can tell.


Duetto Reborn Styled RDA - $9.95
22mm, BF pin.  Don't buy this though unless you are okay with the fact they cloned one of the prototypes instead of the final release of this RDA lol.  Apparently the real deal has a slightly different airflow and deck setup. Check the discussion thread of FT to see pictures of the real deal.

Warhead Styled RDA - $11.71
30mm x 42mm.  Triple post design.  If you've been looking for a PHAT RDA this is what you need.  Simple deck, and two levels of airflow for adjustments.

Authentic Oumier Wasp Nano RDA - $11.32
22mm.  A relist of the Wasp Nano but with translucent caps in yellow or clear.  I shouldn't need to tell you more considering the popularity of this little guy already.


22mm RDTA with BF pin.  So you can tank and squonk.  Genny styled with the tank on the bottom and it looks like vertical coil is the only way to go.

Berserker Mini MTL Styled RTA - $12.39
22mm x 48.5mm.  Tight butthole airflow, top fill, and a clean outer look.  Deck looks simple as pie to build on and it holds 2ml which with MTL airflow should be more than enough.


810 drip tip, 13.3mm tall.  There are enough colors in the drop down you should be able to find something to match just about any setup.


XFKM DIY Toolkit - $8.13
This kit is worth it for the kuro styled coilers alone IMO.  But it has everything you need to start rebuilding except wire/wick.


Arguably my favorite section when there are items to add to it.  I hope you enjoy these items as much as I do.

When I think of quality fuel injectors for my old Comanche or Jeep, I definitely don't think FastTech.

More cute than WTF, but I couldn't leave Pusheen out.  Cookie/Ice Cream/Cake/Doughnut in the drop down as well as a billion other stuffed characters.  Just doing a quick scroll through, I found Rick/Morty/Mr Meeseeks as well.