Tuesday, April 24, 2018


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In no certain order, I proudly present Fasttech... in GOLD!

230W, Dual 21700/18650 (20700??)  Wrapped in gold, with an infinity mirror style effect around the color screen.  Upgrade-able firmware and a comfy looking fire button.

Top off your Espion with this 25mm Clearo.  Careful, all the jagged edges on this might cut you, but atleast its in fucking GOLD!

230W, dual 21700/20700/18650.  TFV12 Prince Clearo included.  This thing reminds me of something the Power Rangers would fight.

25mm. Its authentic... Let that sink in.  Someone thought this was a good idea, and someone with money to invest thought it was as well.  I mean it completely seals up when not in use... But come on guys... really??

22mm.  MTL RDA.  Tight ass airflow, in solid gold.  Yes even the deck and grub screws.

24mm of flaming GOLD.  Weird deck design, and you don't even get to see that much of it because FT can't get good pictures from the MFG.

25mm, GOLD.  Same weird ass post from when I posted this last week.  Top airflow and BF pin included.

24mm, GOLD, BF pin included.  Same as last week, just in gold.

24mm, GOLD, super sparkle 810 drip tip, BF pin.  "Compression style posts"  Built in PEI barrel for less heat soak is neat though.

24mm, no BF pin, 2 different colored post screws.  About as basic bitch as it gets.  Also, hope you like really shitty engravings :)

Gold scissors for cutting your cotton.  Because fuck it, why not?

Can't leave out stuff just because it isn't vaping related.  120 Lumen, rechargeable 16340 battery (built in USB plug, neat!)

Gold lacquered pure copper.  ♫♫DOOT DOOT♫♫

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