Friday, April 13, 2018

FTSD - 4/6/18 to 4/13/18


Authentic Sigelei VCigo A7 - $33.95
"Regulated" tube mod.  Not adjustable, but build to suit how you want to vape.  Built in micro-usb charging.  24.5mm, so not too large.  Probably decent if you're looking for a tube mod instead of the boxy style like everything has moved to.  Lots of colors in the drop down.


Another new listing for the AirLab clone.  Comes with a BF pin and is 22mm.  I personally like the style of it and will probably be picking one up for my soon to arrive squonker.

18mm, Mouth to lung.  Comes with beauty rings.  Definitely not my style, I like the massive airflow.  But this could definitely be good for a stealth setup.


GeekVape Zeus RTA - $37.99 (28.65 with MAP)
26mm, multiple finishes available, top airflow, dual coil, GeekVape... Pretty hard combo to beat.  Hopefully this one won't have muted flavor due to top airflow, but seems like a great design.  Don't forget MAP at checkout.

Coilart MAGE V2 RTA - $35.00 (27.80 with MAP)
Interesting airflow on this, 22mm.  I hate gold plated/anything plated, but if this holds up, I think you might be able to get some seriously airflow and flavor through this thing.

Dvarw Styled RTA - $13.08
22mm, 5ml tank capacity, super weird deck.  I think this thing could be good, as long as you don't mind how freaking tall it is... 40mm not including drip tip.


Feels like a real throwback. 63mm long so its going to make your mod ridiculously tall, but so comfy to vape from.  Especially good if you are looking for a cooler vape.

Pretty awesome looking, 16.5mm height, and looks to be 510.  "Random colors" though, but it only shows 1 color??  I'd like to see what other styles are available.

8mm tall?  Is this the shortest drip tip FT has ever released?  Not sure how comfy this would be, but interesting anyways.

Also available in PEI/Ultem.  I instantly like these more now.


Zippo styled 30ml dropper bottles.  I never saw the appeal in these, but definitely pocket-able and a way to be different.  Lots of styles in the drop down.

18650 battery wraps in a SHIT load of styles in the drop down.  Also 20700s.  Keep your batteries wrapped up, just like you would your Magnum Styled Dong ;)

XFKM Alien Claptons (+Others) $1.86 (Others vary)
XFKM Alien Clapton.  I'm not all on the up and up with what wires are what, but they have a ton of styles in the drop down, available in 316L SS, Kanthal, Nichrome, etc etc.  Decent price for the amount of coils included.

8ml, 45mm tall Silicone bottle in PURPLE!  Looks more pink to me, but still.  Great way to spice up your mod and decently priced as well. "Blue" in the drop down as well.

Hope you all enjoy this new format and location for the FTSD.  As long as life doesn't get in the way, these should be a weekly thing :)


  1. I completely enjoy these digests, and that's even with me perusing the new items every day. I always miss something

  2. Keep'm coming, Mr.Dong, I love your digest!