Monday, April 30, 2018

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Friday, April 27, 2018

FTSD - 4/22/18 to 4/27/18

Support Bigglesworth Labs with a permanent 10% off coupon: DONG 


Authentic Lost Vape Furyan - $89.00 ($58.67 with MAP)
18650/20700/21700 Mech squonker in Brass/Ultem in either Amber or Black finishes.  Lockable fire button and a 9ml bottle.  Yet another entry into squonking that isn't too expensive.


24mm, BF pin only from what I can see.  6 different colors in the drop down.  I'm slightly conflicted on this one... Ceramic top cap and ceramic base...  Was there really anything wrong with stainless or whatever other metal FT could come up with for attys?  The posts do allow for dual coil or single and the airflow looks pretty beefy.  

SXK Krma Styled RDA - $17.90 ($13.99 with MAP)
22mm x 30mm.  316ss and BF pin included.  I wonder how many variation of this same post/deck style can we reasonably come up with?  The airflow on this one is slightly different because of the offset instead of centered air holes and that may be the only difference it needs to stand out.  I do like the plain top cap and short drip tip though.


25mm x 51mm.  Huge airflow and juice channels, Easy to build "velocity" styled deck.  Looks to come with a glass and acrylic tank section.  Not sure what the extra black piece is in the pictures...  Looks too big to be a drip tip.

Authentic Cthulhu Hastur MTL RTA - $32.00 (27.42 MAP)
22mm.  2ml capacity and some tight butthole airflow.  Easy top-fill, decent build deck, and some pretty massive wick holes.  I love the comically tall drip tip as well.  The only downside is that you probably aren't going to be able to rewick this unless the tank is bone dry.

Kindbright FL Styled RTA - $14.89
22mm, BF pin included.  And it has "Large tank to store e-juice for 30 puffs".  Man I love FT descriptions of things.  So its BF and a tank.  Not sure how I feel about just open screws for holding coils, but its probably pretty solid once you get it built.


5 different styles in the drop down, all 70mm tall.  I love stupidly tall drip tips like these.

4 Pack of 810 resin drip tips.  FT says random colors, but this is a 4 pack with only 4 colors shown.... so??  Who knows what you'll get though.  Maybe you get 4 of the one color you hate, maybe you don't get any of the colors shown.

13.7mm tall, standard 510 AND it glows in the dark.


Thunderhead Creations Ni80 4 Core Fused Claptons - $12.90
Supposedly works with MAP code, but doesn't change the price in the cart at all.  I really wanted to included these in this FTSD just because of the ridiculous reusable drug holding/suppository containers that are included.

Authentic XFKM Folding Scissors - $2.31
Folding scissors.  Small enough they should fit in anyone's rebuild kit without taking up too much room.


Arguably my favorite section when there are items to add to it.  I hope you enjoy these items as much as I do.

Comes in at almost 9 foot long  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 🍆🍆🍆
Also comes in other flavors like Pizza, Watermelon, and Pretzel.

Replacement Glass for SMOK TFV12 - $1.63
Normally, the WTF section doesn't get vaping stuff.  But I can't seriously list this as an Accessory.  Literally go click on the pictures of this thing and take a look at the close ups.  Its like someone took superglued random glass bits to a glass tank...

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Support Bigglesworth Labs with a permanent 10% off coupon: DONG 

In no certain order, I proudly present Fasttech... in GOLD!

230W, Dual 21700/18650 (20700??)  Wrapped in gold, with an infinity mirror style effect around the color screen.  Upgrade-able firmware and a comfy looking fire button.

Top off your Espion with this 25mm Clearo.  Careful, all the jagged edges on this might cut you, but atleast its in fucking GOLD!

230W, dual 21700/20700/18650.  TFV12 Prince Clearo included.  This thing reminds me of something the Power Rangers would fight.

25mm. Its authentic... Let that sink in.  Someone thought this was a good idea, and someone with money to invest thought it was as well.  I mean it completely seals up when not in use... But come on guys... really??

22mm.  MTL RDA.  Tight ass airflow, in solid gold.  Yes even the deck and grub screws.

24mm of flaming GOLD.  Weird deck design, and you don't even get to see that much of it because FT can't get good pictures from the MFG.

25mm, GOLD.  Same weird ass post from when I posted this last week.  Top airflow and BF pin included.

24mm, GOLD, BF pin included.  Same as last week, just in gold.

24mm, GOLD, super sparkle 810 drip tip, BF pin.  "Compression style posts"  Built in PEI barrel for less heat soak is neat though.

24mm, no BF pin, 2 different colored post screws.  About as basic bitch as it gets.  Also, hope you like really shitty engravings :)

Gold scissors for cutting your cotton.  Because fuck it, why not?

Can't leave out stuff just because it isn't vaping related.  120 Lumen, rechargeable 16340 battery (built in USB plug, neat!)

Gold lacquered pure copper.  ♫♫DOOT DOOT♫♫

Saturday, April 21, 2018

FTSD - 4/14/18 to 4/21/18

If you couldn't tell from the new banner, I'm sponsored now! This will be a great collaboration moving forward, you guys and gals get a permanent 10% off with DONG and I get to support a business that makes juice that I love.  Check him out and give him some DONG love at 

See my previous review of Valentine (both the soap and the juice) HERE.

Now lets get down to business :)


Authentic HCigar AURORA 80W TC - $48.94
It squonks and supposedly it supports 18650, 20700, and 21700 *without adapters*.  Can't wait to see how they pull that off, but this could be a decent regulated squonker on the cheap for those who have been holding off.

Authentic Desire RAGE Squonk Mod - $66.29
Dual 18650, proprietary bottles, up to 155W and a bypass mode up to 40 amps.  As long as the bottles aren't stupid expensive for extra, this could be another nice entry into the world of squonking.  The layout may bother some, but overall I think it's not too bad.  Available in White, Red, Purple and Black.


The 502 Styled RDA - $11.05
25mm, top airflow RDA with a BF pin.  An interesting design for the center post could lead to some awesome builds, or just a complete pain in the ass to put any coils in.  I guess if you really wanted to you could shove 4+ coils in here.  The concern in the discussion is that the post may not allow extra juice to re-enter the bottle.

SXK One Styled RDA - $15.90
22mm, BF pin included.  Only 25.5mm tall.  I love little short attys like this.  Side airflow through the posts like most little squonking atomizers of this style.  A solid contender for your squonking setup at a decent price.  FT say MAP code works, but I don't see a discount with it for some reason :(

Authentic Wotofo Recurve - $26.49
24mm x 35mm.  BF pin pre-installed and solid 510 pin included.  Several different colors in the drop downs.  Tons of stuff thrown in like 510 and 810 drip tip adapters, coils, extra screws/o-rings, etc.  I like the looks of this and hopefully the way the airflow is setup will prevent leaking.  Looks like its built to run at high watts with that much airflow.


Yet again, not a fan of the gold, but an interesting attempt from IJOY.  It squonks, and it even has a tank.  Maybe, just maybe if we get lucky this thing won't be a huge piece of shit.  Other colors available in the drop down, personally, I think the black looks pretty slick, even with the gold.

Authentic Fontoon Aqua Reboot - $36.19
24mm, 51mm tall, uses an 810 drip tip.  Pretty much back to the basics.  I honestly think the price is a little high, but if you don't want to deal with weird ass wicking or coil placement, this is the tank for you.  Pretty good reviews around the internet from what I have seen as well.


Coppervape PEI 510 Drip Tip - $1.61
17mm tall, and what can I say, it looks comfy and I love ultem.

Epoxy Resin + Carbon Fiber Drip Tip - $1.86
Ever thought to yourself, man I really want people to know I love carbon fiber?  Now is your chance, 5 different colors in the drop down and its big enough, everyone will be able to see it from across the room.  22mm tall and 16mm wide, but still a standard 510 size.


Authentic VapeThink Fused Claptoon Ni80 - $4.62
Another entry into the world of boutique coils.  VapeThink is also offering many different kinds similar to XFKM from last week.  These all look to be 10 packs.

Authentic Avidartisan Steamcoil Kit - $9.30
Even more boutique coils.  6 different types with a total of 20 coils in one convenient package.  All ranging from .19 to .3 ohm.  Probably your best bet if you want to try out several different types of coils at low ohms.

Authentic Wismec Luxotic BF Bottles (2 pack) - $5.13
Available in purple, white, green and amber in the drop downs.  You can also get 10 packs if you really like to swap juice.


Arguably my favorite section when there are items to add to it.  I hope you enjoy these items as much as I do.

Do you really love meat?  Want to show everyone?  Well have I got the shirt for you!  Make sure you check the sizing chart and measure yourself before you order.

Matching Pork shorts to go with your Beef shirt.  Guess FT couldn't decide if this was beef or pork, but they look the same to me.  Same thing applies, check sizing chart before ordering.

Friday, April 13, 2018

FTSD - 4/6/18 to 4/13/18


Authentic Sigelei VCigo A7 - $33.95
"Regulated" tube mod.  Not adjustable, but build to suit how you want to vape.  Built in micro-usb charging.  24.5mm, so not too large.  Probably decent if you're looking for a tube mod instead of the boxy style like everything has moved to.  Lots of colors in the drop down.


Another new listing for the AirLab clone.  Comes with a BF pin and is 22mm.  I personally like the style of it and will probably be picking one up for my soon to arrive squonker.

18mm, Mouth to lung.  Comes with beauty rings.  Definitely not my style, I like the massive airflow.  But this could definitely be good for a stealth setup.


GeekVape Zeus RTA - $37.99 (28.65 with MAP)
26mm, multiple finishes available, top airflow, dual coil, GeekVape... Pretty hard combo to beat.  Hopefully this one won't have muted flavor due to top airflow, but seems like a great design.  Don't forget MAP at checkout.

Coilart MAGE V2 RTA - $35.00 (27.80 with MAP)
Interesting airflow on this, 22mm.  I hate gold plated/anything plated, but if this holds up, I think you might be able to get some seriously airflow and flavor through this thing.

Dvarw Styled RTA - $13.08
22mm, 5ml tank capacity, super weird deck.  I think this thing could be good, as long as you don't mind how freaking tall it is... 40mm not including drip tip.


Feels like a real throwback. 63mm long so its going to make your mod ridiculously tall, but so comfy to vape from.  Especially good if you are looking for a cooler vape.

Pretty awesome looking, 16.5mm height, and looks to be 510.  "Random colors" though, but it only shows 1 color??  I'd like to see what other styles are available.

8mm tall?  Is this the shortest drip tip FT has ever released?  Not sure how comfy this would be, but interesting anyways.

Also available in PEI/Ultem.  I instantly like these more now.


Zippo styled 30ml dropper bottles.  I never saw the appeal in these, but definitely pocket-able and a way to be different.  Lots of styles in the drop down.

18650 battery wraps in a SHIT load of styles in the drop down.  Also 20700s.  Keep your batteries wrapped up, just like you would your Magnum Styled Dong ;)

XFKM Alien Claptons (+Others) $1.86 (Others vary)
XFKM Alien Clapton.  I'm not all on the up and up with what wires are what, but they have a ton of styles in the drop down, available in 316L SS, Kanthal, Nichrome, etc etc.  Decent price for the amount of coils included.

8ml, 45mm tall Silicone bottle in PURPLE!  Looks more pink to me, but still.  Great way to spice up your mod and decently priced as well. "Blue" in the drop down as well.

Hope you all enjoy this new format and location for the FTSD.  As long as life doesn't get in the way, these should be a weekly thing :)