Saturday, June 4, 2016

FTSD - 5/29/16 to 6/4/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

Mid week post.  After a few nights of severe lack of sleep, increased workload, and family birthday celebrations, I'm back :)

Looks to be another **Sunday Sale** coming up.  Coupon **DEALS** for 15% off on a few vape products.  Details posted on FT here..


Authentic AugVape Merlin: Black and Silver in the drop downs.  No longer a pre-order.  Ships next day!

Authentic IVOGO Hulk: 25mm RTA, 3ml capacity, available in black, silver and gold.

Authentic Kepler Apache RTA: 25mm RTA, 6ml capacity, top fill, black and silver in the drop downs.  Intersting twist to open hinged top for top fill.

Flame Styled RTA: 22mm auto dripper/genesis.  Dual coil only (no blocker for other side). Has a dedicated fill hole with a nice chamfer to it.

No Pity Styled RDA: 22mm, lots of airflow options, second sleeve included that has even more airflow.  The post holes should be able to fit anything you can build, but getting the coils in might be a real PITA since its 22mm.

SXK Kayfun 5: Currently pre-order, but SXK has always been good. 

Petri Styled RDA: Personally I hate full glass tops on drippers and this one is 23.5mm diameter...  Weird size, but I know some people love glass top stuff.

Aspire Nautilus X: "U-tech" coil system, top airflow, 45mm tall WITH drip tip.

**Drip Tips**

SS + Resin Drip Tips: Plain, simple, 21mm tall, multiple colors in the pack.

SS Curved Drip Tips: 3 pack, 3 styles, double o-ring.

Aluminum Drip Tips: 15mm, plain, but they have the small lip on them.

**Mod of the Week**

Authentic Vaporesso 75w Kit: 75w, TC, comes with the Target Pro tank.  One mention of screen glitch issues, but it seemed to be the actual battery that was being used and not the mod. PEW PEW PEW

**Interesting Accessories**

SS Drip Tip Stoppers: Like the POM ones from the previous FTSD, but in SS.

iWodeVape SS Atty Stand: Atty holder for doing builds.

E-Cig Display Pad: More styles added since the last time I included these.

**Not Vape Related (But Still Awesome)**

4.5cm Full Dragon Ball set!: It's literally a full set of resin dragon balls in a case... ZOMG

7.6cm Dragon Ball Singles: Want just one Dragon Ball? Or just want them bigger? (giggity)  Here ya go.

**FTSD's Website**

That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.

**Affiliate Program**

Obviously can't post the link here, but would anyone use my affiliate link if I get it setup and posted on the FTSD site?  Would love the support and if it does well enough I can order FT stuff and do giveaways :)

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