Saturday, May 28, 2016

FTSD - 5/22/16 to 5/28/16 *Sunday Sale Edition*

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

Sunday Sale Tomorrow!  Up to 15% off with coupon code: DEALS.  Also FREE SHIPPING!

"deals and 15% off is just for very few items, only 1 vape related item I think.
Tomorrow FT will have 10% off everything with code RESPECT ;)" - /u/Knurlinger


Revolver Styled RDA: Perfectly paired with those shoddily built box mods so you really can shoot yourself in the face.

Tugboat 24 Styled RDA: The Tugboat 24mm, multiple colors in the dropdowns.

Zero 24 Styled RDA: The Zero 24mm.  Same deal, multiple colors in the dropdowns.

Limitless Styled 24mm RDTA: Top coil tank, looks to be setup for dual coil only.

uWell Rafale X 24mm Styled RDA: Kind of interesting, not sure why they put the center post so low though.

eVOlve Styled RDA: Interesting posts, 22mm, and the included drip tip and top are in a green/yellow resin.

Hobo V4 Styled RDA: Back to three posts it seems.  22mm for those wondering.

Fummy FZ RTA: I literally can't even. I googled pictures of the deck here. and I still don't understand how you even use this...

Mini Tank Clearo: No idea which coils it uses, but 17mm diameter and its tiny :)

**Drip Tips**

Flat 75mm Drip tips: 5 packs, singles, and several colors and styles in the dropdowns.

Resin + SS Drip tips: To match your fancy box mods.

Resin + SS Drip tips Ming styled: Awesome looking, but only available as random colors :(

Jade + SS Drip tips: 5 packs, doesn't look to be random colors from the listings either.

Abalone Shell + SS Drip tip: Available in 10 or 13mm.

Glass + SS Drip Tips: 56mm tall, swirl or polka dot.  These were so ridiculous I had to include them.

Resin Wide Bore Drip Tip: Looks awesome, from the discussions, it looks to fit the Kennedy 24 if you have the non-510 drip tip version.

**Mods of the Week**

Mini CE3 Styled Kit: Avaiable in multiple colors in the drop down.  Auto draw, 280mah, perfect to stealth.  Expect long delays on shipping since its a battery.

Authentic asMODus Minikin: Dual 18650, 120W, temp control, red and black in the dropdowns.  Reminds me of the IPV D2.

Authentic Tesla Stealth: 100w, 2200mah, "unregulated" mod.  The chipset even allows pass-through vaping while charging without issue.  Expect shipping delays due to an internal battery though.

**Vaping Accessories**

510 Heat Sinks: 5 packs and singles in sizes from 19mm to 30mm in various colors and styles.

Aluminum Atty Rings: Sits inbetween your atty and mod.  Various colors, 5 packs, singles, and styles in the drop downs.

POM 510 drip tip stoppers: 510 stoppers.  For when you just need to cap a mod off.  Probably great for anyone that does any dirty work and still carries a mod with them.

**Not Vape Related, but still awesome**

Dreadlock Lion Tee: Another dope t-shirt this week.

3 Wolf Moon Styled Shirt: STYLED.  It's close, but not as good as the original IMO.

Magnetic Goo: Lots of colors in the drop down.

Quadcopter >.>: It's tiny, multiple colors, stores itself in the controller, has a belt clip and first person view (from your phone).

200mW 532nm Green Laser - 18650 powered: Comes with a charger it seems and an 18650.  Expect shipping delays if you order with the battery.

**FTSD's Website**

That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.

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