Saturday, May 21, 2016

FTSD - 5/15/16 to 5/21/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

Another crazy monday at work delayed the FTSD this week.  Next FTSD will be released on Saturday evening to get ready for Free Shipping + 15% off sale on Sunday :)


eLeaf iNano Tank : 10mm diameter, 59mm tall, 1.2ohm, .8ml.  Matching mod here. Basically a carto tank in an all in one package.  Non replacable coil.  At $4 a pop, and hoping they last for a good bit of fillings, this might not be a bad starter/stealth/backup kit.

Authentic Tsunami 24 : GeekVape Tsunami 24mm in black and silver :)  Coupon MAP takes $7.57 off.

OBS Crius tank: Velocity deck, side/top fill, juice control, 25mm (22mm in drop downs).  This feature list looks to be becoming the norm on these new tank releases.  Really love the style of this one.

VGOD TRICKTANK: FAT CLOUDS AND MAD TRICKS BRO! 24mm tank, wide open airflow, replaceable coils, 3ml capacity, TRICKS FOR DAYS!

**Drip Tips**

Stab wood + SS Drip tips: Several styles in the drop down.  Sadly only available in random colors, unless you want the 17mm in red.

Turquoise + SS Drip tips: TONS of styles in the drop down.  Just about any color you could imagine to match your mod.

Wine Glass Acrylic Drip tips: Just click it and have a look :) 

Ceramic + SS Drip tips: I know what you're thinking.  Ceramic and SS in a drip tip? Perfect for sub-ohm vaping?  Great at heat dissapation?  Wait until you see how they look :)

Glass + SS Drip tips: Various colors of glass.  Not available shorter than 24mm though... so hope you don't mind the length.

**Mods of the Week**

Think Vape DNA75: Authentic Evolv DNA75, 26650 battery, available in black or red.  Coupon MAP takes $4.59 off.

Smiss Emili Kit: Styled like a real cig, but seriously don't avoid it because of that.  Refillable tanks, 100mah battery, 1300mah case.  Available in several styles.   Juul killer?  Doubtful... Awesome in it's own right?  Definitely.

**Replacement Parts and Pieces**

Griffin 25 - Glass : Various styles and amounts in the drop down.

Griffin 25 - ceramic Block : In white, 5 pack in the drop down.

Griffin 25 - Air intake: Replacement air intake in silver and black.

Griffin 25 - 26 piece kit : O-rings, allen key, grub screws, 510 drip tip adapter.

Avocado 24 - SS Drip tip in Black : Replacement drip tip in black for the Avocado 24.

Avocado 24 - 9 piece kit : Drip tip, o-rings, grub screws, allen key, glass, insulator block.

Avocado 24 - Insulator block : Insulator block, 5 packs in drop down.

**Not Vape Related, but still awesome**

Cat + Taco + Pizza: The best t-shirt.  Other styles and sizes in the drop down, but let's be honest, this is the best one of the bunch.

Purple Llama Unicorn: Nevermind, found a close contender for the cat shirt.  Guess, it comes down to which you like more, cats and food, or llama unicorns.  This one also has a size chart :)

**DIY Skateboard**

Maple Decks: Various colors in drop down including pink, blue, grey and wood.  Comes with grip tape pre-applied.

Aluminum Trucks: Same deal here, 5 colors including white, green, blue, black and yellow.

Steel Trucks: Available only in black.

Replacement kingpins w/ nut - 8 pack: Available in green, orange, or pink.

Bearings: These go inbetween the wheels and trucks.  Available in ABEC7 or 9.  Hilariously, the red ones DO go faster.

Wheels: None on FT, but you can't go wrong with Zumiez :)

**FTSD's Website**

That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.

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