Saturday, May 7, 2016

FTSD - 5/1/16 to 5/7/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

A little light on listings this week.  FT listed a TON of lighters, puzzles, shoes, etc, and hardly any drip tips or other vape stuff.


Authentic OUMIER Demon Tower : Another square atty.  This one is an RDA though, so no need to worry about funky airflow.

Theorem V2 Styled RTA : Looks like the Theorem got V2'd already.  Sadly it's held together with the o-rings, so a terrible choice for pocketability.  You can find the original clones in the drop downs :)

Illustrious Maxx Styled RDA : All the airflow!  Attys like this are pretty much a dime a dozen, BUT this one actually lets you close off the bottom airflow completely.  I feel like you could actually dial in the airflow to something not completely ridiculous with this one.

Tsunami Styled RDA : Now in gold :) 

Authentic Kangside KSD DK 22 : Available in blue/black/silver.  Looks like it might be a pretty nice tank.  Replacement coils in SS, Kanthal, and Ni200.

Subtank Mini Styled : Yeah nothing mini about this at all... 22mm diameter and **9 ml** capacity.  From the preview picture, I figured this was 17 or 18mm version, but nope, its just the 22mm version thats about a foot tall.

**Mod of the Week**

Reuleaux Big Screen : Pre-order currently.  But for only $46.60, it may just be worth the wait.

**Interesting Accessories**

PEI and SS Atty Rings : Keep your atty from scratching your mod.  I probably wouldn't go with the SS version, but the PEI looks like it would do a good job at keeping your mods from getting those nasty atty rings.

Authentic Coil Master 521 Tab : I'm sure you've all seen this thing before, but for those that haven't, this is basically the ultimate build station.  Measures down to .01 and fires down to .2.

XTAR SV2 : Charge up to 2 amps on batterys up to 32650 size with full LCD readouts.

**Not Vape related**

USB OTG Fan : So any modern android that supports OTG will work with this. Seems like a great way to ruin your battery life honestly, but still pretty neat.

4 Port USB OTG Hub : Interesting... Normal USB hub, with a micro USB for OTG usage.  Grab a cheapo power bank and you can connect all your powered devices to your Android phone/tablet without an issue.

Curve Zombie green Mall Ninja knife : Zombie apocalypse protection on a budget :)

Foldable Document scanner?? :  Why even make it foldable when the thing is still going to be huge.  Whatever though, still an interesting idea.

**FTSD's Website**

That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.

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