Monday, April 18, 2016

FTSD - 4/13/16 to 4/18/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

I noticed that I labeled last weeks as 4-3 to 4-9, as a quick correction, it actually included new items all the way up until the 12th.


Lote Styled RDTA : Dual coil RDTA.  Looks like the authentic version also has options for a bottom PEI tank.  FT version looks to just be a dripper.

Le Zephyr in Black : Hopefully not a terrible coating that chips and peels.  Genesis tank for anyone wondering.

Mutation X234 Styled RDA : 2 barrels, 2 top caps, 2 air flow rings.  All the customization you could want.  Hope you enjoy building on the worst post design ever though :)

Goon Styled RDA : Not sure how I feel about the build deck on this one, but for really large wires/coils, it looks like you wouldn't have any issue clamping them down.  Looks to have enough airflow for any crazy builds too.

**Drip Tips**

VIP Aluminum + Resin :  Stupid text, awesome tips.  If you can get past the "Happy to enjoy" printed on them, these look like solid tips.

Its batty! :  Love seeing stupid drip tips like this.  They make me smile when I imagine them on any authentic or high end tank :)

Wood and Stainless Long Tips :  Not much to say here.  A few different colors and 27.6mm length.

Stainless + Glass :  Looks like they added even more colors to that awesome SS + Glass tip from last week.  And another style too.

**Mod of the Week**

Nuke D-N-A 200 : Authentic DNA200.  Supposedly 2700mah battery.  I wouldn't trust that rating at all, but still very cool.  The hot-swappable battery is probably the best part.

**Interesting Accessories**

Authentic Wismec Notch Coils :  Yes, those coils.  The ones that seem to be super hyped right now.

Iwodevape "Notch Coil" Competitor? :  Available in .4 and .6 from the drop down.  Pictures don't have enough detail, but I'd love to compare these to the Wismec ones.

Even more styles of pre-made wire added :  Alien, Fused Clapton, Tiger, Hive, Quad, you name it, they have it.

Pre-made coils of all the pre-made wires :  Not able to wrap your own coils?  Too lazy?  Here you go, any type of coil you can imagine.

Leather "styled" protective cases for the TopBox Mini :  Not much to say here...  Looks good though.

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