Saturday, July 23, 2016

FTSD - 7/13/16 to 7/23/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

For anyone that saw my last post, sadly our Waffle didn't make it :(  R.I.P. Waffle  This was one of his favorite spots, back of the recliner, infront of the window in the sun.


Authentic Rofvape DAC-RDA: Seems like a pretty standard RDA, except Top and Bottom OR Top or Bottom airflow.  And it comes in GOLD!

Hurricane Junior Styled RTA: It's a mini Hurricane.  2ml capacity, 23mm diameter

AV Mini Complyfe Battle Styled RDA: "Gun Color" (lol) Other colors in drop downs. 24mm, enormous post holes, standard sized 510 drip tip...  Might be okay.

Seminole G24 Styled RDA: Everything is just regular RDA fare here, just like the dogbone airholes honestly.

Atty Styled RDA: Glass cap, modified velocity deck, super super tiny.  I can dig it.

ARC ATTY Styled RDA: 1:1 clone from what I can see.

Avidlyfe Styled RDA: Honestly reminds me of a set of valve stem caps you would pick up at Wal-Mart to "pimp" your ride.

**Drip Tips**

SS + Resin: 8 pieces, 8 colors for $6.61.  Something similar to these gets posted every week on FT but I like the color combos offered in this one.

Long Wood Had a giggle at the name.  TONS of other styles/color combos of wood tips in the drop down. 

SS Cone shape: I think this could look awesome on the right atty and might be super comfy too.  Same style here in POM and every color.

Authentic Clrane High Borosilicate Glass: Besides the fact that every single one of these in the picture looks like it would sit crooked on your atty, and would shatter instantly if you dropped your mod, I kind of like them.  Especially that amber and green.  Other styles and singles in the dropdowns.

Teflon: If you haven't picked up a teflon drip tip yet, I highly recommend getting one.  Came across these while digging through the new postings and I think the shape is awesome.

Shorty POM: Yet another interesting shaped drip tip from FT.  Glad its not just the standard round tips that get posted all the time.  Singles and different colors in the drop down.

**Mod of the Week**

Authentic SXK Ares 70W TC: Stab wood, random colors.  MAP coupon takes of ~$21. Single 26650 gets a thumbs up from me.  No name chip, and the high price/random colors gets a thumbs down.

**Interesting Accessories**

Iwodevape 6 in 1 Coil jig: If you don't have a set of these for wrapping coils, you are missing out on doing it the easiest way possible :P

**Pokemon Go**

TOMO 3x 18650 Power Bank: Just fill with 3 18650s (matching) and you won't have to worry about power issues

Pikachu Plush: Several different ones in the drop down including other popular Pokemon :)  You definitely need a buddy with you while you go catch.

Micro USB/Lightning Fan: Gotta stay cool while you are on the go, why not carry a fan?  Your phone is going to be pointed at your face the entire time anyways :P

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That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

FTSD - 6/12/16 to 6/25/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

Double Week Digest!

Hope you guys enjoy the large selection of things, otherwise I scrolled through a ton of pictures of male underwear models in the smallest pieces of cloth ever to bring this to you for nothing D:


GeekVape Eagle: Griffin 25 with wider chimney and removable drip tip.  Coils here, make sure to check all the different styles.

Authentic Tesla Shadow: Simple, replaceable notch coils, clean design.  I dig it.

Fortuna: Just had to list it for the graphics honestly.

Taster Styled RDA: It's tiny, its glass, I want it.

M-Atty Styled RDA: Random colors >.>  I've heard extremely good things about this atty.

Griffin 25 Mini: Griffin 25 Mini! Hype!

Magma Reborn: Yet another contender in the genny/autodripper game. 24mm, ultem plug, lots of airflow options.

Authentic Vapmod Cupie: Top fill, top airflow, ceramic guts.  Neat.

PAN Cake Styled RDA: Comes with ultem top cap, and bottom feeder pin.

Authentic Revel RDTA: Advertised as a not terrible Big Dripper.  We'll see...

Authentic Smoant Mobule RTA: Single or dual coil, top and bottom airflow, fits notch coils (or atleast from the pictures), juice flow control and the biggest feature "Invisible Air flow"

**Drip Tips**

Silicone + Resin: Lots of awesome colors, interested to see how silicone performs for a drip tip.

Glass + Aluminum Drip Tips: Love the shape, not really sure how I feel about the height though, but I'm spoiled by the Derringer drip tip honestly.

POM + PEI Drip Tips: 4 pack, actually really love all 4 styles here.   Singles here.

~~Ox Horn Drip Tips~~: Really??  Not sure how I feel about this. **Removed link see comments below**

**Mod of the Week**

Generic Box Mod: J/k its a bluetooth speaker :P

Authentic Joyetech Evic vTwo Mini: 75w, TC, clock, single 18650.  Comes with the tank and uses the new QCS/LVC head system.

**Interesting Accessories**

Silicone 18650 Holders: 5 pieces, 5 colors, 7 bucks, not bad.  Singles here, each color in drop down.

Youde Wires: Youde stepping up the premade wire game.  Staple staggered fused clapton wire.  Check out the others in dropdowns.

RX200S Front and Back Plates: Various colors in the dropdowns.

**Not Vape Related**

Magnets!: Build stuff!  I love stuff like this.

8bitdo Bluetooth Controller: Check out the different styles.  Hopefully you have small hands for some of these or else you will be cramping like crazy.

TMNT Funko Pop Styled: Cloned Funko Pop D: but TMNT :D

Ultrasonic Cleaner: Ultrasonic Cleaner with dual power modes.  EU version in drop down.

Lego Raspbery Pi Case: Lego Pi Case? Yes please.

Electric Kettle: Temperature. Control. Drops. Mic.

Tactical Glowsticks: Now you too can be operator AF

Harem Pants: I just... What?

**FTSD's Website**

That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

FTSD - 6/5/16 to 6/11/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!


Would you like to get paid to help out the FTSD ($10)?  Want your Reddit name blatantly listed on my site?  Bust out your best website creating tools, make a shill-tastic affiliate link site to replace the terrible garbage I created for now and ~~email your entries in picture or video form to **dead email link**.~~ post them here. (E-mail not working for some reason. Silly webhost)  Deadline for entry is Sunday 6/19 @ Midnight.  I'll announce the winner in next weeks FTSD :)


Authentic uWell Crown 2: 24mm overall, 5ml capacity, new coils (cone top for "smoother airflow" ??). Looks like a nice set of upgrades without changing too much.  [4 Pack of coils here](, available in 0.25, 0.5 and 0.8 ohm coils.

Authentic Cubis Pro Tank: 22mm, 4ml capacity, top air flow, top fill.  Uses new QCS (Notch) and LVC (Clapton) coils.  QCS = Quick Change System = Easily comes apart to change the cotton around the notch coil.  LVS = Liquid Valve Control = Control the juice flow to the clapton coil.  Intersting concepts, hopefully they execute it well.

Ravens Moon Styled RTA/RDA: You can run this in RDA, 4ml RTA, or 7ml RTA.  Not a fan of the "gold" accents, or the entirely plated deck, but still an awesome design considering what all you can do with it.

Payload Styled RDA: All in one barrel and cap.  The main thing to point out here is that 510 pin >.>  Perfect for hybrid (think Noisy Cricket) or just hideous?

Velocity V2 Styled RDA: That ridiculous glass top from last week is back (and labeled properly), also comes with the regular Velocity top cap.  Also wanted to point out this is the version with the quonk ready 510 pin.

Underground Styled RDA: The deck is like the LowPro RDA, except the rest of the atty isn't tiny.  I really like the aesthetics on this, and it looks like you have plenty of airflow options.

Ares Styled RTA: Couldn't pass this beauty up.  31mm diameter, uneven height posts, no post holes, and that awesome "sleeve".  Reminds me of the Fogger, but much much worse.

Authentic Fousecig YOLO RTA: YOLO is what you'll be saying if you try to build dual coils on this thing.  They offer a ceramic coil that can be used as a single coil option.  Standard RTA features here, top fill, glass tank, etc.  Pictures of coil configuration here..

**Drip Tips (Wide Bore Edition)**

iWodeVape Wide Bore 5 pack: Now in rainbow and any other style you want.

Resin Wide Bore for Kennedy 24/AV Torpedo: Random colors only :(

SS Wide Bore: Available in multiple colors, should fit most 22mm RDAs.

**Mod of the Week**

Authentic iJoy Solo Plus: 85w, temp control, 26650 (or 18650 with sleeve).  The form factor is a little weird, but it looks like it might fit perfectly into your hand.  Not really understanding what the down on the "T" button does since its not explained...

**Interesting Accessories**

Vaper Tweezer: They keep adding things to these.  They are starting to become the Swiss Army Knife of vape tools.  Now they have a 2 fold out screwdrivers.

316L Notch Coils: Comes with a tool for bending the leads however you want them.  12 pack for $5

**Not Vape Related**

Lazy Glasses: Nothing needs to be said here lol

LED Jerusalem Cruisers: Just in time for summer.  Multiple colors and styles available.

Skull Head Decanter 1000ml: Also available in 500, 300, and 125ml sizes.  Zombie Style 450ml version here.

**FTSD's Website**

That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

FTSD - 5/29/16 to 6/4/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

Mid week post.  After a few nights of severe lack of sleep, increased workload, and family birthday celebrations, I'm back :)

Looks to be another **Sunday Sale** coming up.  Coupon **DEALS** for 15% off on a few vape products.  Details posted on FT here..


Authentic AugVape Merlin: Black and Silver in the drop downs.  No longer a pre-order.  Ships next day!

Authentic IVOGO Hulk: 25mm RTA, 3ml capacity, available in black, silver and gold.

Authentic Kepler Apache RTA: 25mm RTA, 6ml capacity, top fill, black and silver in the drop downs.  Intersting twist to open hinged top for top fill.

Flame Styled RTA: 22mm auto dripper/genesis.  Dual coil only (no blocker for other side). Has a dedicated fill hole with a nice chamfer to it.

No Pity Styled RDA: 22mm, lots of airflow options, second sleeve included that has even more airflow.  The post holes should be able to fit anything you can build, but getting the coils in might be a real PITA since its 22mm.

SXK Kayfun 5: Currently pre-order, but SXK has always been good. 

Petri Styled RDA: Personally I hate full glass tops on drippers and this one is 23.5mm diameter...  Weird size, but I know some people love glass top stuff.

Aspire Nautilus X: "U-tech" coil system, top airflow, 45mm tall WITH drip tip.

**Drip Tips**

SS + Resin Drip Tips: Plain, simple, 21mm tall, multiple colors in the pack.

SS Curved Drip Tips: 3 pack, 3 styles, double o-ring.

Aluminum Drip Tips: 15mm, plain, but they have the small lip on them.

**Mod of the Week**

Authentic Vaporesso 75w Kit: 75w, TC, comes with the Target Pro tank.  One mention of screen glitch issues, but it seemed to be the actual battery that was being used and not the mod. PEW PEW PEW

**Interesting Accessories**

SS Drip Tip Stoppers: Like the POM ones from the previous FTSD, but in SS.

iWodeVape SS Atty Stand: Atty holder for doing builds.

E-Cig Display Pad: More styles added since the last time I included these.

**Not Vape Related (But Still Awesome)**

4.5cm Full Dragon Ball set!: It's literally a full set of resin dragon balls in a case... ZOMG

7.6cm Dragon Ball Singles: Want just one Dragon Ball? Or just want them bigger? (giggity)  Here ya go.

**FTSD's Website**

That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.

**Affiliate Program**

Obviously can't post the link here, but would anyone use my affiliate link if I get it setup and posted on the FTSD site?  Would love the support and if it does well enough I can order FT stuff and do giveaways :)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

FTSD - 5/22/16 to 5/28/16 *Sunday Sale Edition*

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

Sunday Sale Tomorrow!  Up to 15% off with coupon code: DEALS.  Also FREE SHIPPING!

"deals and 15% off is just for very few items, only 1 vape related item I think.
Tomorrow FT will have 10% off everything with code RESPECT ;)" - /u/Knurlinger


Revolver Styled RDA: Perfectly paired with those shoddily built box mods so you really can shoot yourself in the face.

Tugboat 24 Styled RDA: The Tugboat 24mm, multiple colors in the dropdowns.

Zero 24 Styled RDA: The Zero 24mm.  Same deal, multiple colors in the dropdowns.

Limitless Styled 24mm RDTA: Top coil tank, looks to be setup for dual coil only.

uWell Rafale X 24mm Styled RDA: Kind of interesting, not sure why they put the center post so low though.

eVOlve Styled RDA: Interesting posts, 22mm, and the included drip tip and top are in a green/yellow resin.

Hobo V4 Styled RDA: Back to three posts it seems.  22mm for those wondering.

Fummy FZ RTA: I literally can't even. I googled pictures of the deck here. and I still don't understand how you even use this...

Mini Tank Clearo: No idea which coils it uses, but 17mm diameter and its tiny :)

**Drip Tips**

Flat 75mm Drip tips: 5 packs, singles, and several colors and styles in the dropdowns.

Resin + SS Drip tips: To match your fancy box mods.

Resin + SS Drip tips Ming styled: Awesome looking, but only available as random colors :(

Jade + SS Drip tips: 5 packs, doesn't look to be random colors from the listings either.

Abalone Shell + SS Drip tip: Available in 10 or 13mm.

Glass + SS Drip Tips: 56mm tall, swirl or polka dot.  These were so ridiculous I had to include them.

Resin Wide Bore Drip Tip: Looks awesome, from the discussions, it looks to fit the Kennedy 24 if you have the non-510 drip tip version.

**Mods of the Week**

Mini CE3 Styled Kit: Avaiable in multiple colors in the drop down.  Auto draw, 280mah, perfect to stealth.  Expect long delays on shipping since its a battery.

Authentic asMODus Minikin: Dual 18650, 120W, temp control, red and black in the dropdowns.  Reminds me of the IPV D2.

Authentic Tesla Stealth: 100w, 2200mah, "unregulated" mod.  The chipset even allows pass-through vaping while charging without issue.  Expect shipping delays due to an internal battery though.

**Vaping Accessories**

510 Heat Sinks: 5 packs and singles in sizes from 19mm to 30mm in various colors and styles.

Aluminum Atty Rings: Sits inbetween your atty and mod.  Various colors, 5 packs, singles, and styles in the drop downs.

POM 510 drip tip stoppers: 510 stoppers.  For when you just need to cap a mod off.  Probably great for anyone that does any dirty work and still carries a mod with them.

**Not Vape Related, but still awesome**

Dreadlock Lion Tee: Another dope t-shirt this week.

3 Wolf Moon Styled Shirt: STYLED.  It's close, but not as good as the original IMO.

Magnetic Goo: Lots of colors in the drop down.

Quadcopter >.>: It's tiny, multiple colors, stores itself in the controller, has a belt clip and first person view (from your phone).

200mW 532nm Green Laser - 18650 powered: Comes with a charger it seems and an 18650.  Expect shipping delays if you order with the battery.

**FTSD's Website**

That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

FTSD - 5/15/16 to 5/21/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

Another crazy monday at work delayed the FTSD this week.  Next FTSD will be released on Saturday evening to get ready for Free Shipping + 15% off sale on Sunday :)


eLeaf iNano Tank : 10mm diameter, 59mm tall, 1.2ohm, .8ml.  Matching mod here. Basically a carto tank in an all in one package.  Non replacable coil.  At $4 a pop, and hoping they last for a good bit of fillings, this might not be a bad starter/stealth/backup kit.

Authentic Tsunami 24 : GeekVape Tsunami 24mm in black and silver :)  Coupon MAP takes $7.57 off.

OBS Crius tank: Velocity deck, side/top fill, juice control, 25mm (22mm in drop downs).  This feature list looks to be becoming the norm on these new tank releases.  Really love the style of this one.

VGOD TRICKTANK: FAT CLOUDS AND MAD TRICKS BRO! 24mm tank, wide open airflow, replaceable coils, 3ml capacity, TRICKS FOR DAYS!

**Drip Tips**

Stab wood + SS Drip tips: Several styles in the drop down.  Sadly only available in random colors, unless you want the 17mm in red.

Turquoise + SS Drip tips: TONS of styles in the drop down.  Just about any color you could imagine to match your mod.

Wine Glass Acrylic Drip tips: Just click it and have a look :) 

Ceramic + SS Drip tips: I know what you're thinking.  Ceramic and SS in a drip tip? Perfect for sub-ohm vaping?  Great at heat dissapation?  Wait until you see how they look :)

Glass + SS Drip tips: Various colors of glass.  Not available shorter than 24mm though... so hope you don't mind the length.

**Mods of the Week**

Think Vape DNA75: Authentic Evolv DNA75, 26650 battery, available in black or red.  Coupon MAP takes $4.59 off.

Smiss Emili Kit: Styled like a real cig, but seriously don't avoid it because of that.  Refillable tanks, 100mah battery, 1300mah case.  Available in several styles.   Juul killer?  Doubtful... Awesome in it's own right?  Definitely.

**Replacement Parts and Pieces**

Griffin 25 - Glass : Various styles and amounts in the drop down.

Griffin 25 - ceramic Block : In white, 5 pack in the drop down.

Griffin 25 - Air intake: Replacement air intake in silver and black.

Griffin 25 - 26 piece kit : O-rings, allen key, grub screws, 510 drip tip adapter.

Avocado 24 - SS Drip tip in Black : Replacement drip tip in black for the Avocado 24.

Avocado 24 - 9 piece kit : Drip tip, o-rings, grub screws, allen key, glass, insulator block.

Avocado 24 - Insulator block : Insulator block, 5 packs in drop down.

**Not Vape Related, but still awesome**

Cat + Taco + Pizza: The best t-shirt.  Other styles and sizes in the drop down, but let's be honest, this is the best one of the bunch.

Purple Llama Unicorn: Nevermind, found a close contender for the cat shirt.  Guess, it comes down to which you like more, cats and food, or llama unicorns.  This one also has a size chart :)

**DIY Skateboard**

Maple Decks: Various colors in drop down including pink, blue, grey and wood.  Comes with grip tape pre-applied.

Aluminum Trucks: Same deal here, 5 colors including white, green, blue, black and yellow.

Steel Trucks: Available only in black.

Replacement kingpins w/ nut - 8 pack: Available in green, orange, or pink.

Bearings: These go inbetween the wheels and trucks.  Available in ABEC7 or 9.  Hilariously, the red ones DO go faster.

Wheels: None on FT, but you can't go wrong with Zumiez :)

**FTSD's Website**

That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

FTSD - 5/8/16 to 5/14/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!


Heron V2 Styled RDTA : Think Taifun, but with O-rings instead of threads.

Shingen Styled RDA : Top airflow dripper.  Comes with a regular and wide-bore top cap.  The posts look like they can fit any size wire you throw at them, but not sure how well they will hold up.

30mm Inde Duo Styled RDA : 30mm top airflow dripper.  Glass and SS sleeve.  The post design should be able to accomodate any build you can throw at it.  Hope you have a big enough mod for this :)

Origen V2 w/ PEI top cap : 3 different styles of PEI top caps in the drop downs.  Genesis styled for anyone thats not familiar with the Origen.  Top caps available stand-alone here.

Authentic Artery 49er Tank : Kind of reminds me of the Moonshot.  Looks like it could be a great tank as long as you don't want to rebuild.

Zero Styled RDA : Pretty sleek looking RDA.  Looks to have grub screws to close off for single coil, but I'm not sure I understand the purpose of some of the extra pieces included or why the base is built like this.  Anyone have any insight?

Authentic Augvape Merlin RTA : Looks like a great single coil RTA.  4ml capacity, fits the notch coil, has juice flow control, and its top fill.  Hard to ask for much more out of an RTA honestly.

**Mod of the Week**

Authentic HCigar VT75 : DNA75, 26650 or 18650.  Available in several different colors.  This is looking like a great use for the DNA 75.

**Interesting Accessories**

Cuboid Sleeves : Available in all the styles and colors :)

Coil Sampler Pack : 0.2 Notch, 0.4 Notch, 0.6 Notch, Alien and Fused Clapton coils.  Also comes with cotton.  For $12, it's hard to beat if you want to try some different coils.

**Not vape related, but still pretty awesome**

Fully assembled "Useless Box" : Not much to say here, these things are completely useless, but awesome nonetheless.  Tons of styles in the drop down.

It's a T-shirt... Just look at it : I have nothing to say.  Someone please buy and take pictures.

Automatic Fruit Peeler : Have you ever wanted a delicious apple, but hate the skin and you're just too lazy to peel it?  Well this will take care of all your issues.  Now you can be lazy and healthy.

**Reader Tips**

Shoutout to /u/musicman3030 :

"i was going to make a post about this but just figured i'd send it to you. FT has cloned the griffin 25! black & ss. **LINK DEAD** i have both the original authentic griffin 22, their ft clone, and the authentic griffin 25. i learned that most of the clone parts fit the authentic on the 22, & it's actually cheaper than purchasing authentic replacement parts if you want or need spare parts. geekvape doesn't even offer replacement parts for the 25 yet. but i did find vaportekusa does has some interesting replacement parts for the 22 which nobody else does."

So there you have it.  A source for spare parts on your Griffin 25 :)

If you find anything during the week that you think I should know about, or would like to see in the FTSD, feel free to send me a message :)

**FTSD's Website**

That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

FTSD - 5/1/16 to 5/7/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

A little light on listings this week.  FT listed a TON of lighters, puzzles, shoes, etc, and hardly any drip tips or other vape stuff.


Authentic OUMIER Demon Tower : Another square atty.  This one is an RDA though, so no need to worry about funky airflow.

Theorem V2 Styled RTA : Looks like the Theorem got V2'd already.  Sadly it's held together with the o-rings, so a terrible choice for pocketability.  You can find the original clones in the drop downs :)

Illustrious Maxx Styled RDA : All the airflow!  Attys like this are pretty much a dime a dozen, BUT this one actually lets you close off the bottom airflow completely.  I feel like you could actually dial in the airflow to something not completely ridiculous with this one.

Tsunami Styled RDA : Now in gold :) 

Authentic Kangside KSD DK 22 : Available in blue/black/silver.  Looks like it might be a pretty nice tank.  Replacement coils in SS, Kanthal, and Ni200.

Subtank Mini Styled : Yeah nothing mini about this at all... 22mm diameter and **9 ml** capacity.  From the preview picture, I figured this was 17 or 18mm version, but nope, its just the 22mm version thats about a foot tall.

**Mod of the Week**

Reuleaux Big Screen : Pre-order currently.  But for only $46.60, it may just be worth the wait.

**Interesting Accessories**

PEI and SS Atty Rings : Keep your atty from scratching your mod.  I probably wouldn't go with the SS version, but the PEI looks like it would do a good job at keeping your mods from getting those nasty atty rings.

Authentic Coil Master 521 Tab : I'm sure you've all seen this thing before, but for those that haven't, this is basically the ultimate build station.  Measures down to .01 and fires down to .2.

XTAR SV2 : Charge up to 2 amps on batterys up to 32650 size with full LCD readouts.

**Not Vape related**

USB OTG Fan : So any modern android that supports OTG will work with this. Seems like a great way to ruin your battery life honestly, but still pretty neat.

4 Port USB OTG Hub : Interesting... Normal USB hub, with a micro USB for OTG usage.  Grab a cheapo power bank and you can connect all your powered devices to your Android phone/tablet without an issue.

Curve Zombie green Mall Ninja knife : Zombie apocalypse protection on a budget :)

Foldable Document scanner?? :  Why even make it foldable when the thing is still going to be huge.  Whatever though, still an interesting idea.

**FTSD's Website**

That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

FTSD - 4/24/16 to 4/30/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!


Samurai V2 : Funky shaped airhole, bottom and side airflow, beefy post holes should be able to fit whatever you want to build.

HCigar Fodi v2 : A variety of colors, but I linked to the blue because it looks awesome. Auto-dripper/Genesis style, single coil (or dual vertical) and spitback protection.

Fountain V3 : Squonking built into an RDA.  I feel like the V2 was better since this has top and side airflow, where the others only had top airflow.  I feel like this one might be more prone to leaking.  Still awesome if you want to just try out squonking though :)

Eleaf LYCHE Tank: Top/side refill, uses prebuilt coils with the notch coil in it.  Top airflow control and a 4ml capacity.  I've heard a few complaints of the notch coils burning juice faster than you can get them to wick.  If Eleaf pulls off a prebuilt notch coil that can wick and keep up, this thing might just be awesome.  Replacement coils here :D

Kennedy 24mm : The Kennedy, in 24mm.  Not much else to say, this thing was awesome in 22mm, and should be awesome in 24mm :)

Alliance Fat Boy 46mm : Comes with a bucket of spare parts and enough space to fit a 100' spool of kanthals worth of coils.

**Drip Tips**

Resin Wide Bore Drip Tip : "Suitable for most of the 22mm diameter RBA atomizers"  Looks awesome, not sure what all it will fit, anyone that has something similar to this want to chime in?

6 Piece Drip Tips in Acrylic : I like the swirl pattern and the shape looks interesting. 

SS + Acrylic 8 pack : More swirl pattern :)

**Mod of the Week**

Smoktech SMOK H-Priv : Interesting fire button/mechanism.  Looks like the batteries are really easy to swap too.

**Interesting Accessories**

Eleaf LYCHE RBA deck : If you don't want to use the notch coil prebuilts :)

Velocity V2 Glass Top cap : May or may not come with airholes :)  If it does, it might be cool to try out, otherwise just a piece of glass lol.

Pilot Vape Coil Magician : Basically an 18350 screwdriver/coil jig.  No battery indicator from what I can see, so you would have to manually check the battery.  I'll be waiting for some reviews and a V2 before I even consider ordering.

**Not Vape Related, but worth mentioning**

The dopest of LED shoes : Check your size here. Available in a lot of colors.  Slow/Fast flash, strobe, LEDs change colors.

Glow in the dark PET tape : Not even sure what to say here, this is just cool.  The pictures of it on the Gundam models is an awesome idea for it.

Mechanical Pencil : I know what you're thinking... "Seriously MSD? A Pencil??"  But really, go look at this thing.  If you still use a pencil, you need to check this out.

10xMicroSD to SATA : No... Just no...  Unless you already have a ton of MicroSD cards laying around that are fair size that you aren't using for anything else, but even then, a super cheap SSD is going to perform better and be only slightly more.

**Not even FastTech but a damn good deal**

50% off all Lightning Vapes Wires on Amazon :  Order $20 worth of kanthal and never run out again.  Don't forget to pick up some spool tamers on Amazon while you're there.

**FTSD's Website**

That's right, the FastTech Styled Digest now has its own website :) currently, it just pulls the latest FTSD that I've posted and loads it.  Keep your eyes peeled though since I'll be turning this into an actual site soon :)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

FTSD - 4/19/16 to 4/23/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

Lots of new and interesting additions over this past week. Sorry for the delay this week.  We had some crazy issues over the weekend that have caused me a ton of extra work on monday.


GeekVape Avocado 24 :  The Avocado we all know and love, in 24mm.  Available in black and silver.  Currently in pre-order status.

TF-RDTA : Another pre-order sadly.  This thing looks like it will be fantastic for high wattage vapers that want a tank.

Oh me So Horney styled RDA : Velocity posts on steroids.  More airflow than anyone one person should need.  This thing would be stupid easy to build a ton of coils on, but wicking it... now thats the real challenge.

AX1 Styled RDA : One of those RDAs with the crazy decks.

Hastur V2 Styled RDA : Top airflow, velocity deck, spitback protection and small size.  Ordered one.

Transformers Styled RDTA : Why would you ever use a round tank, when you can use a square one??

Steam Tribe Boss Sub Ohm Tank : This looks promising.  3.5ml capactity.  Comes with 0.5ohm coils and what looks to be a rebuildable coil head.

**Drip Tips**

Lip Gunk Magnet :  2 pieces, 2 styles.  Looks neat.  100% guaranteed to catch and hold all the lip gunk.

Jade + Stainless : 5 pack of random colors.  I've always loved this shape driptip.

Tugboat POM + SS Tips : All the different splatter colors to match whatever you have.

**Mod of the Week**

Authentic Simeiyue SMY SDNA75 : Authentic Evolv 75W. The looks of this remind me of the Vaporsharks.  Available in a variety of colors and finishes.  Thanks /u/Emaciated_Walrus for the call out on coupon code: MAP for taking off $33.59. 

**Interesting Accessories**

RX200 Front and Back Plates :  In a variety of colors.

Vapesoon Carrying Case : Looks like enough space for a box mod, a battery or 2 and maybe a bottle of liquid.

Rebuilding starter kit : Clippers, mini ceramic tweezers, cotton pads, kanthal.  At the $10 price, you won't find much cheaper to try out rebuilding unless you have a local shop that will let you use their stuff, or a buddy that will.

Vape Bands by Iwodevape : Tons of styles. 

E-cig display pad: Looks like those giant mouse pads, but vape themed.  Actually a pretty cool graphic they used.

**Not Vape Related, but worth mentioning**

Mini Android Endoscope : I've always wanted to mess with one of these and at that price, I might just order one.

18650 Desk Fan : A fan that runs off 18650, or USB.  Kind of want one of these for the office...

3x18650 Power Bank : Provide your own 18650s and good to go.  Also doubles as a spare battery charger and carrier.

Monday, April 18, 2016

FTSD - 4/13/16 to 4/18/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the difference!

I noticed that I labeled last weeks as 4-3 to 4-9, as a quick correction, it actually included new items all the way up until the 12th.


Lote Styled RDTA : Dual coil RDTA.  Looks like the authentic version also has options for a bottom PEI tank.  FT version looks to just be a dripper.

Le Zephyr in Black : Hopefully not a terrible coating that chips and peels.  Genesis tank for anyone wondering.

Mutation X234 Styled RDA : 2 barrels, 2 top caps, 2 air flow rings.  All the customization you could want.  Hope you enjoy building on the worst post design ever though :)

Goon Styled RDA : Not sure how I feel about the build deck on this one, but for really large wires/coils, it looks like you wouldn't have any issue clamping them down.  Looks to have enough airflow for any crazy builds too.

**Drip Tips**

VIP Aluminum + Resin :  Stupid text, awesome tips.  If you can get past the "Happy to enjoy" printed on them, these look like solid tips.

Its batty! :  Love seeing stupid drip tips like this.  They make me smile when I imagine them on any authentic or high end tank :)

Wood and Stainless Long Tips :  Not much to say here.  A few different colors and 27.6mm length.

Stainless + Glass :  Looks like they added even more colors to that awesome SS + Glass tip from last week.  And another style too.

**Mod of the Week**

Nuke D-N-A 200 : Authentic DNA200.  Supposedly 2700mah battery.  I wouldn't trust that rating at all, but still very cool.  The hot-swappable battery is probably the best part.

**Interesting Accessories**

Authentic Wismec Notch Coils :  Yes, those coils.  The ones that seem to be super hyped right now.

Iwodevape "Notch Coil" Competitor? :  Available in .4 and .6 from the drop down.  Pictures don't have enough detail, but I'd love to compare these to the Wismec ones.

Even more styles of pre-made wire added :  Alien, Fused Clapton, Tiger, Hive, Quad, you name it, they have it.

Pre-made coils of all the pre-made wires :  Not able to wrap your own coils?  Too lazy?  Here you go, any type of coil you can imagine.

Leather "styled" protective cases for the TopBox Mini :  Not much to say here...  Looks good though.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

FTSD - 4/3/16 to 4/9/16

**Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest**

Not quite the same, but a pretty good clone.  You would be hard pressed to tell the differences!

I'll be trying to fill /u/DONG_MAGNUM massive shoes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Velocity V2 :
So they took the Velocity.... and added a bottom tank to it?

Hatty RDA :
Changing the drip tip game.  Velocity posts, bottom airflow with tetris piece airholes.

Drip Tip sold separate here.

Monkey King RDA :
No deck pictures or anything else, but an interesting looking atty for sure.

Cuboid Mini Tank Clearomizer :
Currently in pre-order, but this thing looks interesting.  5ml capacity and easily replaceable coils might make this a winner.

**Drip Tips**

Summit Wide Bore Drip Tip :
I love the shape of these.  4 different finishes to match any atty.

Hybrid Glass/Stainless Steel Drip Tip :
Looks fantastic.  Ordered one of these for myself.

POM Pawn Drip tip :
Love Chess?  Like Vaping?  This is for you.  Tons of colors and 5 packs in the drop down.

**Mod of the Week**  (not to be taken seriously)

Hells Gate Touch 200W :
Touchscreen, dual 18650, 200w, $62?  Looks neat, but I bet the battery life is almost nothing at 200W and using the touch screen.

**Interesting Accessories**

HCigar VT133 Battery Covers in a variety of colors.

Replacement ceramic tweezer tips :
Pack of 5 for a little over $6.  Considering how many I've broken, I'm going to buy these and start replacing just the tips

vapeSoon silicone suction cups :
For holding Attys/Mech/Pens.  Cheaper than a vape stand if you only need to hold a few things.

Teflon/Ceramic Tweezers :
Tons of colors!  These things are cool since you can use them to unscrew stuck attys/atty bits too.

Demon/Alien/Clapton Wire :
Looks like FastTech has some interesting "boutique" wires. Check the drop down for a bunch of styles.

Prebuilt coil holders. :
~~Not as useful as the beadalon spool tamers from Amazon, but these are cheap and wouldn't be bad for storing less commonly used stuff.~~  Read this wrong.  These have compartments for holding coils.  Guess you could prebuild up a bunch of coils for your favorite atty and switch them out whenever needed.  Thanks for pointing this out /u/Targren

Authentic Youde UD Wire Spool Tamer (5-Pack) :
Could be a nice cheap alternative to spool tamer.  Thanks /u/VapinLITH

**This Week in Gold**