Thursday, December 24, 2020

FastTech Styled Digest - 12/10/2020 to 12/24/2020

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Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.


5-120W, 1*18650/20700/21700
Type C charging, battery sleeve included.


24mm, 2ml capacity. Single coil. Honeycomb airflow looks neat.  Not a huge fan of the glass wrapped in metal look though.

SXK Perseus Styled RTA - $29.90 ($27.50 w/ MAP)
22mm, 2/4ml capacity. 316SS. Looks alright.  I dig the tiny drip tip.  Not entirely sure how the airflow adjustment is.

SXK Penodate V2 Styled MTL RTA - $29.90 ($27.50 w/ MAP)
22mm. 2.5ml capacity. 316SS.  Multiple air flow inserts.  Looks like we time-hopped back to 2015 for the posts though.  Get ready to wrap those legs around screws again boys.

Authentic Wotofo Profile M RTA - $37.95 ($26.98 w/ MAP)
24.5mm (??) 3.1/4ml capacity (??)  Weird size and weird capacity.  Keep it real Wotofo.  Looks like the released like 4 different types of mesh strips you can use with this bad boy as well.


4 different air flow inserts, plenty of spare parts, and a decent looking deck to build on considering how small this is.

SXK PCTG ETU - $9.90 ($8.60 w/ MAP)
Compatible with SMOK RPM Series coils.



Seems a little pricy for what it is, but these are handy to have.

0.07ohm.  Interlock Fralien Sandvik <-- 2 words that make no sense.  2 coils per pack.



4 different modes.  Available in blue/yellow and 2 packs.

1*18650, 30m underwater, tail safety hammer(?)

Up to 2x100W speaker power depending on power supply used and speaker ohms.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

FastTech Styled Digest - An Update

It's been a few weeks since my last post, not sure if anyone was wondering where I went or not, but I figured I could post and let everyone know what was up.

I'm taking a break from the Digest for a bit.  I've been at it for 18 months straight with near weekly posts and I'm a bit burnt out.

Right now both domains/urls that I own are on auto pay so don't expect this to go away any time soon, and I'm sure I'll be back to it at some point, but just not right now.

Here is a pastebin with an unfiltered list of items I was considering for todays Digest post (would have been a Triple Week Digest)

Feel free to take a look through and see all the stuff I usually pick out, even the stuff that wouldn't have made the cut.

So, goodbye for now but expect to see me back at some point and thanks to everyone for the support over the past 18 months (and those of you that were around in 2016 when I took over from the original FastTech Digest.)

Saturday, October 5, 2019

FastTech Styled Digest - 9/9/2019 to 10/5/2019

Buy Bigglesworth Labs Juice and get 10% off with coupon: DONG 

Welcome to the FastTech Styled Digest, the blog where I scour FastTech every week for some of the best, worst and weirdest vape (and sometimes non-vape) related listings.

Come hang out on Discord!  Keep it civil, read the rules first and all that good stuff :)


Thunderhead Creations Tauren-X-Pod Kit - $59.00 ($44.80 w/ MAP)
1-25W, 1000mah battery, 2ml capacity.  This kit comes with the RBA pod.  Extra RBA pod here, and mesh pods here.

Battlestar Baby - Green - $24.01
15W, 750mah battery, 2ml capacity.  Pod looks easy enough to fill and has replaceable coils instead of throwing away the entire pod each time.

CoilART BLAZAR MTL 18350 "Mech" Kit - $81.99 ($53.99 w/ MAP)
Dual post, single coil, 6 air flow settings.  Not actually a mech because mosfet/board. 5 colors in the drop down.

Authentic Ultroner Oner Pod Kit - $89.00 ($40.95 w/ MAP)
12W, 380mah, 2ml capacity.  Uses 1.5ohm ceramic coils in the pods which use a side fill flap.  3 colors of stab wood in the drop down.  Replacement pods can be found here as a 3 pack.

Authentic Ultroner Gaea 200W Box Mod - $239.90 ($165.95 w/ MAP)
5-200W, 1-8V, 0.1-3ohm range.  3 colors of stab wood in the drop down.  Powered by dual 18650s, inserted by a bottom loading flap.  I would be happier if it had a DNA75C, but still its a great looking mod.

Kongestus Styled Mech Mod - $32.38
What year is it? (Original was listed 7/7/2014)  Powered by 2*18650/20700/21700/26650.  Looks to include battery sleeves to make it work with whatever kind of batteries you want to stack in it.

SP Hybrid Mech Mod - $8.32
Single 18650, no 510 (hybrid, duh), spring loaded firing button. 3 colors in the drop down.

Geek Vape Aegis X 200W Mod - $73.90 ($51.65 w/ MAP)
5-200W, dual 18650, IP67 waterproof.  8 colors in the drop down.  Only thing I don't like is the top mounted USB charging.  Great place for juice to seep into, but assuming IP67 rating is true, it should have a nice gasket on the flap.


Oumier Wasp Nano MTL RTA - $22.99 ($17.38 w/ MAP)
22mm, 1.2/2ml capacity w/ bubble glass. 2 post, grub as clamp, single coil deck design.  I'm digging the clear cap/chimney/tank aspect of this.

Reload Styled MTL RTA - $8.59
22mm, 2ml capacity.  Dual screw as clamp posts setup for single coil.  Airflow shaped like a revolver chamber with a larger center air hole.  Unfortunately, no bubble glass with this one.

YFTK Phenomenon Zest 2.2 URS Styled RTA - $24.31
22mm, 4ml capacity.  Dual screw as clamps... I think?  Not really any good deck shots. 

Authentic KAEES Aladdin MTL RTA - $32.99 ($28.05 w/ MAP)
22mm, 2/4ml capacity w/ bubble glass.  Dual side grub as clamp posts.  Single airflow that is interchangeable to several sizes to dial in the airflow how you want it.


SiChro Styled RDA - $12.78
22mm w/ BF pin.  Dual angled screw as clamp posts for single coil setup.  Not sure if the notches in the deck are for lining up the top cap, or for assisting with getting the coil centered and low, but either way it should help with coil placement if you have a long build rod.


Resin 810 - $2.70

Stainless 510/810 Combo - $2.07
16.5mm.  Still not sure the purpose of these.  No matter what you are restricted to 510 airflow. 4 colors in the drop down.

Resin 510 - $1.78
15.5mm.  6 colors in the drop down.

Resin 510 - $1.78
17mm. 6 colors in the drop down.

Stainless + Glass 510 - $1.68
20mm.  3 colors in the drop down.

Resin 810 Shorty - $2.04
18.5mm. 6 colors in the drop down.

Resin 510 - $1.78
14mm.  6 colors in the drop down.

Resin 810 - $2.27
12mm, 6 colors in the drop down.

Stainless/PEI 510 - $8.95
17mm.  Originally for the Four One Five RTA.


Nuclear Radiation Gas Detector DIY Kit - $29.35

Tactical Self Defense Pen - $15.45
Flashlight, glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and pen all in one.

GSM Phone Pen - $23.42
Goes great with your tactical pen.  Also has a small fan built in LOL.

4CH USB Bluetooth Audio Mixer - $24.99
Someone with more knowledge than me can comment on this, but I assume "professional" equipment costs more than $25.

Quad LED, 1500LM, Quad 18650 Flashlight - $26.74
IPX4 waterproof.

Quad LED, 2800LM, 1*21700/18650 Flashlight - $150.95
IP68 rated.

Folding Knife - $12.51
Love the folding mechanisms on this style of knife.

Wireless Charging Receiver - $8.85
Available in USB C and Micro.  Unfortunately the plug is the wrong orientation for my phone or I would pick one of these up.  Looks like you might could hide this under a TPU case.

EL Wire Cat Mask - $15.22
2 AA battery powered.  4 styles of masks in the drop down.